On space (17 photos)

This Pictures of the collected photographs connected with the cosmos that have been made over the past month and a half.

1. Improved Hubble Space Telescope took a picture of the "bruise" in the nebula Jupiter on July 23. Astronomers believe that dark point came when earlier this month a huge comet crashed into the planet. This is the first large-format camera picture of the telescope Hubble, which was installed during the flight into space in May. (NASA, ESA, H. Hammel (SSI), Jupiter Impact Team)

2. On the morning of July 22 a large part of China and the Pacific shadow fell during unusually long solar eclipse. These images from the Japanese geostationary satellite MTSAT show the Earth at 8:30 am local time in Taiwan (left), and then an hour later during a solar eclipse (right). (WebGMS-MTSAT / GMS / NASA)

3. Thousands of people gathered along the Ganges River in Varanasi, India town to look at the total solar eclipse, which occurred on July 22. The dark disk of the moon completely covered the sun, surrounded by a thin halo of the solar corona. (Pedro Ugarte / AFP - Getty Images)


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