20 crazy facts about space travel, narrated by the astronauts

Wow! Reading this collection can not help remembering, both in the Soviet Union, all the boys dreamed of becoming astronauts ... Now we understand them: after all, even the astronauts say that the flights into space - it's crazy, cool, and fun! On his flight experience told the astronauts Chris Hadfield from Canadian, American Jerry Linenger, Bob and Scott Parazynski Curbeam and Lee So-yeon - South Korea's first astronaut. Website sharing with you the stunning facts that we have learned from them.

In the space of all sick h2> According to Hadfield, all astronauts feel sick, and nothing special about it - for the sake of space flight can be a little bear. He was also a big fan of vomit packages from NASA: "Such a special bag attached large towel, so that after vomiting it can be how to wipe his face and quietly push it back in the bag».

On board the spacecraft rather unpleasant smell h2> Hadfield also explained why the shuttle stinks "Toilet is in the heart. On board it is up to seven people, and ship it is very small. Imagine seven people two weeks to ride home on wheels with a toilet stall, and they have no opportunity to stop and go ».

However, the ISS does not smell at all h2> «During five months on the ISS, I never sensed the presence of other people," Hadfield shared. The reason he called the small size of the crew and a good ventilation system.

Here "Mir" smells like "Grandma's cellar» h2> About his impression of the space station "Mir" said Linenger "Sensation was at the grandmother in the cellar ... musty smell and damp and rather dark." < br />

training in the pool was not prepared to move in space h2> Moving the water to help get used to the feeling that you do not weigh anything, but, according to Kerib, in this weightless feeling completely different. "In space, start moving more easily than in the water, but it is much harder to stay».

The astronauts veterans called beginners who are learning to navigate in weightlessness, "elephant in a china shop» h2> «They pushed with all his strength and hit his head, lots of wires and stuff, so it's a source of endless fun" - Parazynski laughed.

If the astronaut will make a mistake, the other will not let him forget it h2> Curbeam said that astronauts never miss a chance to make fun of each other. "Everyone is looking for the slightest opportunity to make fun of another" - confirmed his words Parazynski.

The most common mistakes - break visor during a training session in the pool and become entangled in a rope h2> According Parazynski, every time someone breaks the visor in a training pool, "for him to organize the whole ceremony during the regular Monday morning meeting, where all demonstrate cracked helmet ».

Sometimes crew members awake the music you have chosen for them native from the Earth h2> Curbeam said that for astronauts often play music from the Earth, and most of the music selected families of astronauts. Daughter Kerbima chose for him the song of Queen, Parazynski and his son for a walk in the open space of his father during his last flight booked theme from "Star Wars." "My son's name is Luke Skywalker ... and I, so it worked wonderfully well", - joked the astronaut.

Almost all the astronauts get their nickname from fellow h2> Kerbima colleagues nicknamed "Beemer" and he was pleased. But Parazynski got nicknamed Doogie Houser (Neil Patrick Harris' character in the TV series "Dr. Doogie Houser"). "In appearance I was about 12. I just graduated from medical school. I hated that nickname, and I gave it to understand - and that's why it stuck firmly to me "- shared Parazynski.

Sometimes the astronauts faced with something than can not manage h2> Chris Hadfield said that most spectacle that he had seen in space, was a shooting star. "This is not a pretty blestyashki in the sky, not a free fireworks. This is what you can not control, something that can kill you and destroy your ship at any time ».

On ISS sometimes held relay races and other games h2> Lee So-yeon said that one day she had a chance to take part in the relay race on board the ISS. Crew members were divided into two teams and were flying back and forth, passing the baton to the next player.

In weightlessness is very easy to sneak up on people and scare them h2> Linenger - a big fan quietly and silently swim up from the back to the comrades and innocent questions to ask them. According to him, his victims have always tried to pretend that their is not a bit scared, but the fear in their eyes always betrayed. "I did face a brick and calmly sailed to another compartment, which immediately began to laugh" - shared Linenger.

The body needs some time to get used to gravity to return h2> After a short flight, according to Hadfield, "you feel a little dizzy ... and the muscles are not in the best tone, but generally you're okay." < br />

, but the body is very hard to get used to gravity, if the flight was long h2> Perform in space for six months - another story. Hadfield said that the ongoing exercise during his longest space flight helped him to stay strong, but the astronauts completely lose the ability to maintain balance when they return to Earth. "Once you landed, you have only one desire - to throw up," - he said.

The space can be higher, and the consequences from this most painful h2> Lee So-yeon told how, during his space flight stretched out on 2, 5 centimeters in three hours, and for the same three o'clock returned to their normal growth after returning to Earth, and all thanks to gravity. "Back pain was terrible," - she complained.

Return to Earth can be challenging emotionally h2> According to Hadfield, many (though he has not experienced this) difficult getting used to the "noise of the crowd and the inability to concentrate." Lee So-yeon was the hardest to put up with the glory of the first astronaut from South Korea. "Before my first flight, no one knew who I was. After - wherever I went, everyone recognized me ».

Finally, flying in space totally changes the view of the world h2> Linenger said that when he returned to Earth, he stunned the green. "Green - so beautiful and soothing color. I was sitting in the backyard of his house and looked at the trees rustling in the wind, and felt completely satisfied. " Life in a closed "ecosystem" space station and forced him to reflect on the fragility of our planet. "You look down at the earth and see the same thing - closed ecosystem", - he said. "This view from a new angle - the best gift that I received from the stay in space».

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