Unusual umbrella of the new generation.

Nubrella - unusual umbrella that protects against rain, snow, wind, and besides, and will keep in the warmth of the head and shoulders in the cold weather.

The world is changing before our eyes, very soon, it is usual for us to replace things completely different, because all refined and improved. So the creators of the gadget on the go What is it today, say that usual umbrellas us very uncomfortable and ineffective. They said that their creation will be the umbrella of the new generation. This is a very unusual umbrella, which protects from rain, snow, wind, but still will keep warm head and shoulders in the cold weather.

This umbrella is not necessary to hold, it is simply pressed onto the shoulders and before it has completely transparent, in order to be able to see. And thus the arms remain free, and the weight of the entire hood 1, 1 kg, so will not wear heavily. The very name «Nubrella» comes from the English word «new» (new) and the «umbrella» (umbrella), Russian name does not come up. You can try "nontik" - (new umbrella), because it is not yet clear whether this will survive, and the gadget will be useful to the consumer or not, it will clarify the time.


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