Film Ivan Vasilievich 40 years

Exhibition sand figures in Rostov Veliky

Filming began August 26, 1972 with the expedition to the Rostov-Yaroslavl, where full-scale scenes were filmed: the pursuit of the demons of the Kremlin, the people at the Kremlin walls, sending troops to war. As later recalled Leonid Gaidai:
"Part of the filming took place in the ancient Russian city of Rostov-Yaroslavl. Kinogruppa working near the museum, located in the ancient Kremlin. ».
And just then came to the museum by foreign tourists. And suddenly, in the vicinity of these riders raced in the ancient coats with hammers in their hands. Then raced again. It is a picturesque sight of the guests brought raptures. In its own way it responded to the incident museum staff.

Continued under the cut ...

Ulyana Andreevna (Wife Bunsha)

When we finished shooting in Rostov-Yaroslavl, they approached us with a request to give them two red coat and a pair of hatchets, hammers. The fact that each group of foreign tourists at the entrance are greeted by Russian tradition with bread and salt. Their teaches guests to embroidered towel. Now employees of the museum carry out this ritual, previously dressed in clothes donated by "Mosfilm» ... »
Filming in Rostov-Yaroslavl lasted exactly one week - until September 2, after which the team returned to Moscow. Here, too, until September 17, was shot "nature": Passage through the streets of the city "ambulance" and police "Volga"; panorama of the city from a bird's flight (when the king says enthusiastically: "Lyapota"); calls from a phone booth and friend George Miloslavsky Yakin; Yakin travel around the city in the "ZIS-110" (the same car that starred in "Diamond Hand"); jogging Shurika of Radio Shack; Shura and Bunsha in the yard; the pursuit by the entrance.
In these days of filming the episode, when the wife Bunsha saw on a nearby balcony of Tsar Ivan the Terrible, mix it with your spouse. The shooting of this episode almost ended in tragedy. And that's what happened. According to the scenario, the heroine Natalia Krachkovskaya had to climb from one balcony to another to catch of escaped "her husband».
But the actress, who suffered terrible agrofobiey (fear of heights), refused to perform the trick with perelezaniem. Then, to get her to do it, Gaidai went to the trick: he said that will be located at the bottom of a special cradle to the people who will insure the actress. In fact, no cradle bottom was not just Gaidai hoped that vysotoboyaznennaya actress afraid to look down and do not notice the trick.
But it turned out differently. Krachkovskaya, climbing over the railing, still looked down and, finding no insurance, fear almost fell down. Fortunately, near people already caught her slipping off the balcony and pulled the body back. Therefore perelezaniem episode with the picture and was not included.
September 17 on location have been completed, and the group for nearly two weeks, was forced outage - waited for the pavilion will be ready sets. This work required the decorators extra effort because they had to erect a pavilion in a complex, which was to immediately enter 16 facilities - 10 "modern" and 6 "Chambers Ivan the Terrible».
I will mention only some of these sites: Apartment Shurika (room, where there was a "time machine", hall and kitchen) apartment Shpak, staircase (by the way, it in those days was used for filming another comedy - "Big Break"), dental office, the entrance area on the ground floor, the elevator (it was stuck Ivan the Terrible), the royal hall, the refectory, reception hall, and so on. d. The entire complex is located in an area of ​​1428 square meters.
Pavilions shooting began on 2 October, the episodes "in the apartment Shurik." The shooting went very well, and in October it was only two days downtime: October 5, on the set was not Alexander Demyanenko, October 12 sick Yuri Yakovlev. In November, there was no downtime in December again two - 6 and 8 December was sick Yuri Yakovlev.
Meanwhile, it ended in 1972 marked the lowest number of comedies - only four, but this year has presented our cinema superkomediyu "Gentlemen of Fortune" Alexander Gray and George Danelia. The film won the box office the 1st place, having collected 65, 02 million viewers. The second took place in the film comedies by Eldar Ryazanov, "Old men-robbers", which for the charges behind the leader by more than half - 31 collected 5 million. But back to the film directed by Leonid Gaidai.
1973 started badly - January 4 Gaidai ill. Fortunately, the illness lasted only two days, and already on Jan. 6 shooting "Ivan ..." resumed. For the week managed to shoot the latest episodes, and from January 15, began assembling the film. However, in the last week of March, one episode of the film had dosnimali because the marriage of the film - when Zina on the beach singing the song "Love to meet" ("Ringing the January blizzard ..."). The episode was shot on 22 - 23 March in Yalta.
April 12 the film "Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Occupation" was commissioned by the General Directorate of "Mosfilm". Assessing the picture is positive, management was required to make some amendments to it. In particular, it was necessary to cut the following episodes: the pursuit of George Miloslavsky (in the film remains only its beginning - when George gets away from the police, dressed in a doctor's gown), the stay of the king in the apartment Timofeev (seized episode where Ivan the Terrible fries kitchen cutlets) , fun Georges in the imperial palace, talking in a phone booth, the streets of Moscow, and others.
They confiscated some of the phrases we hear from heroes. For example, in an episode of receiving ambassadors Bunsha exclaimed: "Peace and friendship", but in the final he utters another phrase: "Hitler Kaput!" In the episode "meal" the same Bunsha asked: "At whose expense the banquet? Who pays for this abundance? "- To which the answer followed:" The people, Your Majesty ».
As a result, the last sentence withdrawn and replaced it with a more loyal, "Anyway, we are not».
In another episode - again involving Bunsha - when he asks in surprise: "What repertoire you?" - Went on: "Gather tomorrow intellectuals. I'll take care of you. " This ending also seized. In total, the film was cut to 177 meters of film.
The film "Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Occupation" was released in rent September 21, 1973 and brought Leonid Gaidai new resounding triumph.

Carp Savelievich Yakin (filmmaker)

Alexander Timofeev (engineer-inventor) - Shura

Anton Semenovich Shpak (dentist)

Charlatans (Demons)

The Swedish ambassador

Theophane (clerk Ambassadors order)

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View from the Water Tower Rostov Kremlin

View from the Water Tower Rostov Kremlin

View from the Water Tower Rostov Kremlin

View from the Water Tower of the Rostov Kremlin. I have everything, thank you.



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