Walter Last: a New approach to cancer treatment

Well-known scientist and doctor Walter Last (Walter Last): biochemist, toxicologist, internist — published an interesting article called "cancer Therapy — a new direction".

Currently, the main emphasis in cancer therapy is made on the destruction of tumors, and all studies focused on finding new ways of destruction. However, there is little evidence that this approach works and helps patients and at the same time, there is a lot of evidence that cancer is dangerous because of this approach.

30+ years of working with cancer patients I went from the usual approach to tumours as the enemy that must be destroyed, a new approach based on my experience and new independent research.

Now I'm considering cancer cells and tumors as mostly harmless and standard "treatments" as the main cause of cancer deaths. I believe that with the right approach, no one should die from cancer. Here I want to present a brief overview of my proposed changes in the cancer therapy.

More than 100 years of accumulated evidence for the microbial nature of cancer and autoimmune diseases. I wrote about it earlier in the article The Hidden Cause of Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases.

Cancer may start with a primary infection that becomes chronic in stressed or stagnant parts of the body. In other cases, microbial activity may begin spontaneously due to the collapse of the diseased tissue.

The body restricts the infection inkapsulirovat it (coating shell), or you can consider the tumor as a shell by which microbes protect themselves from the immune system.

It's like how in the bark of trees formed a "tumor" when the bark is damaged in a certain kind of OS.

While our blood more or less pure, tumors are just tumors, not malignant, and it's not cancer.

However, if the immune system is constantly attacked by intestinal dysbiosis, Candida (Candida), toxins that are released into the bloodstream due to leaky gut syndrome (Leaky Gut Syndrome), emotional trauma or subconscious fear and shock from the diagnosis "cancer", that's when the blood becomes infected threat pleomorphic microbes.

Now more or less dormant microbes inside the tumour become active. They produce growth hormones that trigger the growth of tumors.

Now the tumor becomes malignant, but still isolated. This situation may continue for many years. The tumor may grow slowly or decrease, or to remain in the same condition — it all depends on the vitality and strength of the immune system.

Gradually, with the increase in the number of microbes in the blood, the tumor can begin to form an inactive metastases. Official medicine believes that such metastases, even the smallest, should be removed. This leads to the fact that the existing inactive, dormant micro-metastases awake for years earlier than if they did not touch. This often leads to premature death, especially of young people.

Even metastases are usually not the direct cause of death. Tumor directly kill the organism rarely — it happens when they press on vital organs. Most tumors are killed indirectly when disturbed, and they release a lot of toxins.

At the same time in the body can cause extensive inflammation and infection. This often leads to death. But most cancer patients die from cachexia — severe weight loss and muscular tissue loss caused by progressive anemia, the cause of which — the destruction of erythrocytes (red blood cells) by microbes fungal type.

So, we come to the conclusion thatthere are 3 possible causes to die from cancer:

1) the tumor becomes too large and obstructs vital organ;

2) toxins, which are released a disintegrating tumour cause inflammation and infection;

3) most of the red blood cells killed by the germs and can not supply oxygen.

If we can prevent, avoid these 3 situations, there will be no deaths from cancer. This can be done even during chemotherapy. This is based on the idea not to destroy the tumor, and only give a little chemistry, not to allow the tumor to grow.

Instead of using chemotherapy can be used alkalization (used innatural medicine) to stabilize the tumor and prevent it from growing. In studies on mice it was shown that baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is not only suppressed tumor growth and formation of spontaneous metastases, but also limited involvement of the lymph nodes and the occurrence of liver metastases. Baking soda did the lymph fluid more alkaline that suppress inflammation.

Chemotherapy causes the tumor to metastezirovanii and significantly increase. As a result, the drugs killed the patients faster. When the tumor is disturbed, they produce stem cells. These cells grow new tumors, the more malignant and not amenable to therapy.

A natural therapy can also create problems. Those of therapy aimed at destruction of the tumor and which cause intense inflammation. Examples of such therapies: Gerson therapy, black salve (black salve) and similar. They can cure cancer, but not always successfully.

Those patients who are younger and healthier, and generally tolerate such therapy is difficult because their immune systems react stronger and the resultant inflammation is more aggressive. These problems can be avoided if you use:

  • alkalization,
  • antimicrobial therapy for cleansing the blood,
  • periodic limit the amount of food
  • the treatment of hunger.

Now even routine studies show that starvation reduces the growth of tumors, and that treatment is intermittent (periodic) fasting is much more efficient than eating to satiety or starvation. The advantage of fasting is that it reduces the tumor without the occurrence of inflammation. When there is no food, the body uses the diseased tissue and tumors as a source of energy. An additional benefit is that the lack of food inhibits microbial activity. Some known methods of treatment of cancer — Breuss Cure, Grape Cure use this principle.

Another way to reduce and eliminate tumors without the occurrence of inflammation is a strong alkalization, for example, using cesium chloride (cesium chloride) or using very large quantities of baking soda. The goal is to get the reaction of urine for some time was more about pH 8. These therapies can also cause problems, and I usually do without them.

In natural medicine often use proteolytic enzymes (enzymes). They are treated with undigested protein particles and reduce of the tumor. At the same time, enzymes that inhibit inflammation. I like bromelain and papain. In addition, the fibrinolytic enzymes nattokinase (nattokinase), and serrapeptase prevent excessive adhesion of blood cells (hypercoagulability), which is necessary for the formation of metastases.

I believe that the most convenient and reliable method — from the start to restrain the growth of tumors alkalinity, and then gradually reduce their size without the formation of inflammation. This can be achieved by a combination of alkalization, antimicrobial therapy, proteolytic enzymes and periodic fasting.

Problem is the treatment of patients who have used conventional medicine and are now dying from cachexia. Grayfield microscope clearly shows that in these patients the majority of erythrocytes infected with germs and could not function. This means they need antimicrobial therapy in combination with oxygen. This applies to AIDS patients, and tubercular and other patients with autoimmune diseases, which too frequently die of cachexia. This fact once again shows that cachexia is the result of activities of microbes and not called actually tumors.

To deter the growth of tumors, it is necessary to minimize that promotes growth. The main factor of growth are inflammationthat you can keep control of antimicrobial therapy, alkalization, proteolytic enzymes, enzymes, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory herbs.

In addition, the growth of tumors is favored

  • polyunsaturated fats (almost all vegetable oils, fish oil),
  • phosphates,
  • products with a high content of phosphorus,
  • sugar,
  • cereals and nuts.

Dairy products also trigger the growth of tumors due to insulin-like growth factor IGF-1, originally found in milk. This growth factor causes the growth of all tumors, but particularly tumors of the breast, prostate, lung and colon. (This is just the most common types of cancer.)

Inhibit the growth of tumors, fresh vegetables, and juices from them.Most useful green vegetables and juices from the beets. These products can improve the oxygen exchange of cells, and this makes them less malignant, or even normal.

The same property has dimethylsulfone (he was methylsulfonyl methane, Мethyl Sulfonyl Methane MSM CAS 67-71-0). MSM (as he is usually called in English texts) in combination with DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide) is used when the microbes in the blood is already suppressed after cleaning the blood. Both substances have antitumor properties. Their combination in certain proportions is used externally and internally.


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The main reason that causes cancer — cancer treatment


There is evidence that the cleaning of the blood will gradually eliminate the tumor or will keep them "sleeping". This area also requires further work.

The main problem with this approach is to select the best tools for cleaning the blood, their doses and combinations and duration of their use. It is easy to control using the Grayfield microscope, which allows to analyze live blood. But the most effective remedies against pleomorphic microbes are banned or persecuted by the authorities.published


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