We fly to Magadan? You're two hours before take-off!

Says Alexander Cheban:
"Want to take a look at what is usually hidden from the eyes of an ordinary passenger? What we do not know, but only criticized for the fact that the flight is delayed, transforming their emotions on flight attendants, without knowing the cause ... Two hours before the flight Moscow - Magadan someone has already arrived at the airport, and someone else is in traffic or approaching the airport by Aeroexpress. In any case, all the passengers have at least another 90 minutes to register, preflight coffee, or simply stroll through the shops in anticipation of landing. But the flight crew and technical services work a great deal, because the whole process is scheduled by seconds from the briefing to prepare the cabin for flight ».
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1. Everyone is busy with their work, and even a few words, not to mention a couple of shots, distracted very reluctantly. Nevertheless, the guys with the same smile and are very open to moments of relaxation and respite. Let's see what happens before the flight to Magadan?

2. In Magadan we flew from Domodedovo flight airline "Transaero" on a Boeing 767. Let's start with the company's office, which is located opposite the terminal, probably all seen it, going to Moscow, but few have seen what view opens from the windows of the upper floors.

3. cabin crew instructors.
All attendants are part of units, which are called "separation." They are distributed at airports and have their own serial numbers. For example, the Department of Domodedovo has a serial number 2, Vnukovo - 3. There is an office in Sheremetyevo, St Petersburg and an office established by flight attendants from other cities. A special department - it attendants Imperial Class. It is an honorable number 1!

4. Each steward has his own instructor who controls the weekend flight attendant, vacations, documents, training, etc., such as the class teacher at the school. Each instructor is 30-35 stewards.

5. Touch screens on which flight attendants can learn about their future clothes. Although now everyone can go in and with their tablets.

6. Turnout flight attendants on the flight takes place 2 hours before departure. After a medical examination of the crew briefing begins.

7. Today it is a senior flight attendant Alexey. The briefing is always present on duty flight attendant instructor.

8. Each time the composition of the cabin crew changes, so 10-15 minutes should be given the basic settings before the flight, discuss the nuances of a particular flight, and assign responsibilities for each flight attendant on a flight, check the appearance.
About what is it?
"... Parking 5, leave by bus to the terminal at 19:20, on time, please!
- The flight is 7.17. Pestle commander, co-pilot - the Poles. Code cabin, I'll tell you on board.
- Today we are flying business 6, 133-keeper and two Infanta ».
The following crew briefings and information about the whereabouts of each of its members. Each flight attendant responsible for the doors.
Another flight will fly trolleys for catering utensils Magadan what Alex told his colleagues and said marking these trucks.
"We also remind you of the main priorities of our airline and for me personally - is the safety of the flight." And it describes in detail what needs to be done before the departure of each fellow.
"The base airport (Domodedovo), all operations are carried out on board the technical staff, in vnebazovom (Magadan) - flight attendants." (It is an operation of opening the door.)
"The voyage of work according to the technology of airline" Transaero ". Without any derogation ».
"During the flight, be sure to check for the presence of toilets blocked or damaged smoke detectors».
"We expect the turbulence along the route, so take care of hand luggage and put them to the maximum in the luggage racks, and not only in the number of emergency».
"Flight relay, Magadan, we day. I think that this is quite enough to rest and properly perform the return flight. Do not forget about the rules of behavior in the relay. "

9. also offset all the latest news and orders of airlines that are relevant to the nuances of the moment.

10. An interesting point - equipped with first aid kits and taken on board from the office. Their two. The first - the general, in which the most elementary medications, the second - the so-called medical tab. It is already more serious drugs. It is used only in extreme cases, when suddenly one of the passengers has deteriorated health. Interestingly, it has the right to open a doctor if this will be on board. Flight attendants themselves to apply the first aid kit are not eligible, as they do not have medical education courses in addition to first aid.

11. Summer, great weather, waiting for the bus can be a word with colleagues at the entrance to the building.



14 bus to the terminal building.


16. The following is the control of aviation security. Exactly the same as for the passengers, only in a separate corridor.

17. The airplane is near the exit to the platform, so go on foot.


19. Today the flight is operated by a Boeing 767-300.


21. Here is a flow chart for the control of all the services involved in the preparation of the aircraft for the flight. All painted by the minute, and the representative on the platform should take the implementation of each of the stages, recording time on the card.


23. A regular passenger aircraft also transports and commercial cargo and mail. In Magadan flight is always a lot of cargo.


25. 159 - the number of the flight. With such a marking trolley powered come on board of the catering.

26. Ice is not on board, by the way. On board it is stored in special containers.

27. Children's sets for young passengers.

28. Pay attention to the shoe. Before the arrival of passengers in order to maintain the cleanliness of the cabin, all employees are required to wear a ground services at the entrance to the plane, this attribute of medical institutions. I saw them only on pictures, while staying at the cabin in ordinary shoes. Well, that was a summer icon smile Fly to Magadan? You're two hours before take-off!

29. Departures closer. Every employee reports on readiness for the flight. The technician fills the recent documents.

30. Each member of the team is busy with his plot, everything is very fast, even to look at the camera, no one time there was no icon sad Fly to Magadan? You're two hours before take-off!


32. ... and the need to fill the plane!

33. This machine team "intererschikov." So called technical staff unit responsible for passenger seats, monitors, toilets, kitchen counters, in general, for the entire passenger compartment.

34. One of the flight attendants responsible for receiving commercial load, ie, monitors the loading of baggage and cargo.




38. The aircraft is ready for boarding, it's time to leave. I do self reflection in the terminal building.

39. Meanwhile, on the other side of the life of this flight - someone registers at home or at a kiosk.

40. And some prefer to create a familiar reception.

41. The "Transaero" Canine own service.

42. Who is traveling business - he does not know how many people in the crowded waiting rooms in the sterile area of ​​Domodedovo. The "Transaero" in Domodedovo your business lounges in international and domestic area.

43. This footage was shot in Domodedovo, and on the way back from Vnukovo to Kiev I also had the opportunity to look into the briefing room stewards.

44. The flight is short, only 1 hour and 15 minutes, is a senior flight attendant paid particular attention to the moments of communication with passengers.


46. ​​On the ground ...


48. ... and on board the Boeing 737 Moscow - Kiev.

49. This report on the pre-preparation in terms of the flight attendant. Now I want to stay in the same perspective from the point of view of the pilot icon smile Fly to Magadan? You're two hours before take-off!


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