20 facts about pearls

1. Pearl - this is the only precious mineral that does not require treatment.

2. According to many archaeologists it was the first pearl jewel, which attracted half-savage man not so much its practical use, but the aesthetic perfection. As strange SILVER get the sun ball was not so easy, he almost immediately became appreciated.

3. The first to use this stone, of course, Chinese. Another 42 centuries ago. 2206 BC, and the Emperor with a simple but beautiful name Yu already receiving tribute from the controlled territories pearls. Chinese pearls are not only an ornament, but also the equivalent of the major currencies, as well as a sign of social status. In court officials from China's largest pearl in the headdress is a symbol of power bosses, and some expensive purchases paid for pearls.

4. According to legend, Queen Semiramis loved pearl jewelry for the holidays and rdevala beads from bright pink pearls. And Cleopatra, according to legend solution in a huge pear-shaped pearl wine and drank in front of Mark Antony. All the matter in their dispute, Cleopatra promised to make the most expensive dinner. Cleopatra won the dispute.

5. In nature, there are 8 configurations pearls: button, drop, pear, oval, semi-circle, circle, irregular shape and scope.

6. On the advice of the Greek philosopher Aristotle, Alexander the Great before the attack on India primarily captured the island of Socotra, which is famous for its beautiful black pearls. Black pearls admired commander, and by connecting them with a dazzling white and slightly pinkish, he sent those and others in Greece. After that started the craze similar collections.

7. When Louis was baptized 13 of his mother, Queen of France Marie de Medici wore a dress embroidered with pearls. Pearls were neither more nor less - thirty thousand.

8. Name Margarita in Greek means pearl. The Greeks believed that pearls favors family happiness, preventing quarrels.

9. Natural black pearls first became known in Europe thanks to Hernando Cortes (1458-1547), Spanish conquistador and conqueror of Mexico, and later through research "colored pearls", found in the Gulf of California. La Paz in Baja, California, became the world center of black pearls.

10. Queen Elizabeth 1 also differed love for Chinese pearls. Every day on her neck could be seen a few necklaces, pearls in the amount that goes to the thousands of pieces.

11. The Spanish King Philip 2 was, in its time, the owner of a pear pearls named "Peregrine". This jewel is one of the most famous to this day. Owners "Peregrine" only became well-known people, at different times, it belonged to Queen Mary Tudor of England, Napoleon the 3rd. And until recently, the pearl was Elizabeth Taylor is the gift was her husband Richard Burton. Together with the house jewelers Cartier, actress came up with the design pearl necklace with diamonds and, of course, "Peregrine" has become a major element of this decoration.

12. In Russia, where it has been known for more than 150 zhemchugonosnyh rivers, fishing for pearls have long existed. Mostly, it was the river north-western part of Russia, though in ancient manuscripts mention his prey and Kievan Rus. Hence the abundance of pearls embroidery on dresses, not only women but also men.

13. The word "pearl" came to Russia from China. It was formed from the Chinese "Zhen Zhu" through the Old Russian "zenchug." In old Russia to clean pearls, gave him chicken peck. Then cut the chicken, and pearls were removed from the stomach.

14. Very rarely two or more pearls grow together. The most notable example of this phenomenon is the pearl of the "Great Southern Cross." When fishermen discovered the sink, they found that within a cross coalesced as many as nine pearls.

15. In fact, natural pearls, especially suitable for jewelers today is extremely rare. The thing is that in the 19th century began to produce pearls in a barbaric scale. Because of a single pearl, traders were ready to catch and open up to 10 thousand shells. A few decades have been destroyed generations shell-zhechuzhnits so natural pearls almost disappeared. In 1952 production of natural pearls has been banned worldwide. Cultured pearl grows in the wild, in the sink, but differs from the true natural cause of education: a seed from a solid or soft organic implant introduced by man in the living clam.

16. Start technology pearl farming takes, of course, in China, about 3 million years ago. Then, in the shells of freshwater mollusks were introduced lead figurines of Buddha. Similar experiments were carried out in Sweden in 1767 by Carl Linnaeus and almost at the same time - in Russia, in Germany at the beginning of the XIX century. worked on this background Heeslingen. But all these attempts had little impact. On an industrial scale cultivation of sea pearls were sold K. Mikimoto in 1915 in Japan. The essence of this method is to introduce into the sink-pearl pearl ball, wrapped the mantle tissue donor oyster. On average one in four over three years oyster pearl formed, and only one of the four commercial quality gem reached overgrown with a layer thickness of not less than 0, 4 mm. The optimum size of the seed introduced into the oyster, 5-7 mm. The value obtained pearls 6, 5-8 mm, at least - up to 10 mm.

17. In the largest sink of bivalves Trikadny, there are also much larger specimens. For example, December 6, 2009, at auction Bonhams, which was held at the Museum of Natural History in Los Angeles, has been put up for sale the world's second-largest pearl - "Princess of Palawan." Her weight was 2, 3 kg and a diameter of more than 150 millimeters.

18. The title of "most precious pearl" also belongs to the pearl "Regent" shaped eggs. Her friend, a well-known name - the pearl of the family Bonaparte. Napoleon bought it in 1811 for his future wife Mary Louise. Then she was transferred to Faberge, and then for a long time was in St. Petersburg in his collection. In 2005 it was sold at auction for a record price for pearls in 2, 5 million dollars.

19 "Pearl is always right", - said Coco Chanel, and made the most democratic pearl adornment that goes to any woman and suitable for any outfit. She is the first approved combination of white pearls with black sweater, dark elegant jacket, a little black dress.

20. And finally, the world's largest pearl. Listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Filipino "Pearl of Allah." 6, 35 pounds, 32 000 carats, diameter 238 mm


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