Manufacture of fireworks (35 photos)

Plant for production of pyrotechnics is located in the Primorsky Krai, near the village of Mikhaylovka.
It is the only plant of this kind in the Far East.
Let's see how well done fireworks and other explosives.

At first glance, the manufacture of fireworks simple procedure. However, in the process of creating fireworks have to deal directly with explosives and flammable substances. In some cases it may be sufficient only one small impacts or shock to cause an explosion of the mixture or its ignition.

Pyrotechnic production - a process that requires strict control at all stages. To you and I saw bright flashes of fire in the sky holiday, each sleeve passes through dozens of hands, the production process, and lasts 9 days. First rolled sleeves of paper.

In the workshop production of guide tubes are working only two people

Snanok paper dips into the glue, twists and cuts the tube.

This machine is manufactured 2 million. Such tubes a year!

For stability in the future of each sleeve fireworks must pour precisely measured portion of ground, the dried, sieved and compacted clay. Only then fireworks shatters not down and sideways and upwards ».

The next workshop without a respirator shall not go in, there is the process of pressing clay into the guide tube products.

The factory works since 2010 and currently produces 45 kinds batarey- salutes. In 2013, it plans to produce 64 kinds of baterey- salutes, Bengali candles, as well as the production of fireworks hazard class 4- 5

The tubes have passed the process of pressing again packed 60 pieces

Work preparing clay for pressing

Then go to the third shop

Cases already packed clay is sewn into the battery, connect the wick. The most important sector of production - a special room where the liner is charged with gunpowder. Then the battery pack in a box of fireworks.

Head of production plant pyrotechnics Yulia Grachev said that the day after the salute of professional interest, she tries as much as possible to bypass the nearby neighborhood: on the charred liners batteries can be found, how was the launch of what fireworks chose this time, everything is passed in a regular mode.

"Of course, we are working with China - is the best, with an ancient tradition of production of pyrotechnics in the world. They help us to develop a kind of salute. This is a very interesting process. We tried to come up with radically new fireworks "- said the director of the plant Eduard Shabayev.

Fireworks that produces a seaside plant, 90% are made of Russian raw materials. Powder supply from Samara, wads of St. Petersburg, clay brought from the Far Spassk. Sleeves rolled themselves out of cardboard, which is sold on the Ussuri paper mill.

Tube is sewn into the battery and connect the wick

The most important sector of production - a special room where the liner is charged with gunpowder

Bookmark gunpowder in the guide tube products in the area charging salutes.

Following the powder is placed in a tube and tightly pressed pyroelectric wad

Bater acquire wick

and upakovyvayutya box

We also learned that the Primorsky pyrotechnics production plant plans to take part in the competition of manufacturers that will provide the show at the opening and closing of the Olympic Games in Sochi.



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