10 facts about fireworks

10th place: it is necessary to create fireworks well-versed in chemistry. Selenium is a colorless gas flame colors in blue, sodium - yellow, and potassium - in purple. The fireworks-type missiles use magnesium. It can burn in pure form.

9th place: Fireworks can certainly be life-threatening. Do you think that the housekeeper did the Prince de Conde after dinner, at which the Prince took Louis XIV, when you consider that not enough hot, the fireworks did not work, and at night vendors did not bring the breakfast fresh catch? That's right, he committed suicide.

8th place: one of the worst in history was the fireworks at the wedding of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. Due to the fact that all would marvel at the unprecedented spectacle, which was accompanied, moreover, free refreshments, started a stampede in which many people died. When 23 years later the king and queen were executed, some said that it is no wonder: even on their wedding day was an omen.

7th place: The most colorful fireworks, produced by order of Peter I, lasted a week. This was the beginning of a new century marked. Fireworks were fiery passion of Peter I.

6th place: One of the most time-consuming to prepare were fireworks, hosted the birthday of Empress Anna Ivanovna took 2,000 people work for 10 weeks.

5th place: There are several schools of art of fireworks. Chinese fireworks are markedly different from the European. In China thumps right all at once, since the main purpose of China's fireworks - is to create a mood. Europeans prefer slender cascades volleys, so you can see every single piece.

4th place: Who is most passionate about fireworks Japanese. By the way, the word! Fireworks "come to us from the German language. In Japanese, the word sounds like "hana-bi" ("hana" means "flower" and "bi" - fire).

3rd place: Fireworks inspired one of the hairdressers to create a hairstyle which became very popular. During the reign of Marie de Medici the most fashionable women's hairstyle called "rocket". It is made of curly hair and laid conically.

2nd place: Inspired by the fiery fun and composers. Handel wrote music for fireworks demonstrations. In his time, it was popular types of fireworks such as Flock, frog, waterfall, Bouquet, and Roy Cannon shot. Chinese fireworks gave more poetic name, such as: Red peaches in the reeds, or fly through the flowers butterflies. In celebration of the Chinese New Year in Malaysia often used Blizzard Silver shine and Mountain Music.

1st place: the European monarchs in the XVIII century ornamental decoration, illumination, various entertainment and fireworks device is included in the responsibilities of the confectioner.

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