Water is life? In Russia, the water-DEATH!

82% of our country's drinking water from the tap. About a third of all Russians do not boil it, and do not use filters. Experts say that our tap water is unsafe. This means that endanger the health of almost 30 million people, including your!

The survey showed that the majority of Russians (32%) drink water straight from the tap without first filtering or boiling.

The quality of tap water is high only in large cities, but in small, most of them in the country, to drink from the tap, you should not, it becomes life-threatening.

In the province of the water is very much not meet sanitary standards. The main reason - the old rusty communication. By itself, though rust and unpleasant to the taste, but not very harmful. But if you drink this water for 15 years, then it goes haywire liver. Worse than that, rusty pipes ideal conditions for the growth of microorganisms. To neutralize them in the water treatment plants add a little more chlorine.

The concentration is not dangerous, but if you drink this water 15-20 years, it will give complications in the kidneys and liver

Drinking contaminated water may cause other serious diseases. The plumbing is very often causative agents of hepatitis A, dysentery and typhoid.

As shown by opinion poll, 15% of Russians filtered water from the tap. However, this does not guarantee complete safety. Household cleaners depending on the design capture harmful particles - chloro, sand, rust. But does not protect against bacteria and viruses.

 - The best option - membrane filters, which are sold in stores household goods, they are made on the basis of very thin films that retain most of the bacteria and are also effective against chlorine and organic compounds.

Carbon filters protect against chlorine, but powerless against bacteria. Silver cleaners only disinfect the water.

The best way to get rid of bacteria - boiling. According to VTsIOM, a careful show 35% of Russians.

When boiling the bacteria are killed, but do not forget that boiling does not protect against chlorine and organic debris. Therefore, ideally tap water must first pass through a filter and then boiled.

However, quite a large percentage of Russians do not believe any precautions: 12% prefer to use home water from a natural source - a spring or artesian well, considering its purest. Another 3% drink only bottled water.

This precaution is superfluous. Checks show that drinking water, even the most expensive, are often counterfeited, simply fill bottles from the tap. And the real mineral water, in addition to the salty taste, is no different from filtered water at home.

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