Israeli media reported the transfer of US weapons to Georgia

US organized Aviamost on delivery from Jordan to Georgia weapons destined for US troops in Iraq, according to referring to the Israeli newspaper "Maariv».

According to "Maariv", the weapons being transferred Russian-made transport aircraft belonging to the airline UTI. Point of departure named Aqaba in Jordan, which has long been used by the US as a transit point for supplies to Iraq.

According MIGnews, deliveries from Aqaba to Tbilisi made from Saturday, August 9.

Meanwhile, The Jerusalem Post reports that Georgia has called on Israel to put pressure on Russia, but in a statement the Israeli Foreign Ministry contained only an expression of concern and call for a peaceful resolution of the conflict, not the condemnation of Russia's actions.

Israel itself, according to The Jerusalem Post, in recent months, stopped arms supplies to Georgia. After that Georgia has repeatedly asked to resume deliveries, but the Ministry of Defence of Israel came to the conclusion that there is a danger of collision between Georgia and Russia, and refused.


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