Effective complexes of exercises for the abs

Choose the exercise that suits you, based on what groups of muscles you want to work. Add to these exercises healthy diet, and you'll get fast and long term results!

Remember that abdominal exercises will not only help you lose fat, but will strengthen and make more visible abdominal muscles. To lose pounds and inches, you also need to follow a healthy diet. So you will achieve not only long lasting, but also quick results. Work on different muscle groups of the abdomen, and you will have the coveted “cubes”, which are both men and women...

Exercise need to be alternated or changed, so your body is not used to the same sequence. There are hundreds of different ways to get the body to work and burn fat in the upper, middle, lower and oblique abdominal muscles and in the lumbar muscles.

A set of exercises number 1 This series is suitable for study of all muscle groups and consists of the following exercises:

  • Sitting position, back straight, chest forward filed. Hands back on the floor, leaning on hands, lift your feet. Bending feet, bring them to the chest or to the stomach. Alternately bend and straighten the legs so that your right elbow touches the left knee, and Vice versa.
  • Lie on your back, hands put under the buttocks. Raise and lower legs (they must be straight!). Omitting the legs, strain the abdominal muscles.
  • The starting position is the same as in the previous exercise. Straighten the legs upwards and then spread to the sides without touching the floor. Complete 3 of the campaign 15 times.
  • Lie on your stomach and put your hands on both sides of the head; a little raise the torso. Ideally, the feet should be fixed to work the lumbar muscles.
And here's an exercise for slim waist. Starting position – standing. You'll need a stick from a brush or squeegee or similar object. Grasp the ends of the stick (hands behind head). Straining the abdominal muscles, do tilt to the left; back to original position. Need to do 4 sets of 20 before starting to do tilts in the other direction.

Complex exercise number 2 Another interesting series of exercises that will help you to achieve perfect abs and flat tummy.

  • Do “traditional” abdominal exercises: starting position – lying on your back; bend your knees, put your feet against the floor. Raise and lower the body, holding his hands behind his head. Do 4 series of this exercise 50 times each.
  • For this exercise you need a chin-up bar. Here work the lower abdominal muscles. Grasp the bar with both hands and let the body “hanging” in the vertical position. Lift your legs and bend your knees so that they reach the chest. In this exercise, you'll take more effort than the others, but it is very effective. It is sufficient to perform 4 series of 10 repetitions each.
  • Exercise for the oblique muscles of the abdomen. Lie down on your side; lean on the arm bent at the elbow and the foot, which is on the floor. Raise your hips and hold this position for one minute; do not descend prematurely. Do 4 sets of 10 repetitions each before you switch sides.
  • Starting position – lying on his stomach to work the muscles in the lumbar. Raise your torso as much as you can. Can use a bench or machine, so that the body is in the air, and the exercise produced the greatest effect. Do 3 sets, 15 times each.
  • Finally, the exercise known as “Planck”. You need to keep the body straight, supported only by your forearms and toes. In this position push press; hold the position for at least 1 minute.
Complex exercise number 3
  • The first exercise of this complex is suitable for the development of the abdominal muscles and is called “curl” (“flexing”). Lie on a bench or the exerciser (on the stomach); the legs, from the knees and below should be “hanging”. Keep your hands behind your head. Push press to raise the torso. Watch that worked the abdominal muscles, not the back. Perform 4 sets, 30 reps each.
  • The second exercise is “curl” in the slope. Svecica from the bench or the trainer so that the head touched the ground. Cross your arms at chest level. Raise the body by 45° and back down, but don't touch the bench or trainer back.
  • The third exercise is “curl” in the slope with deceleration. Sit on a bench or a treadmill, cross your arms over your chest, tilt your body back approximately 45°. After start up and return to starting position. The back must remain straight.
  • The fourth exercise of this complex for reducing waist size is called “bending the legs on the bench”. Sit on the edge of the bench or trainer, the back is slightly tilted back. Lean on the forearm. Pull legs forward and then bend your knees to bring them closer to the stomach. Again, stretch your legs and return to starting position. Do 3 sets, 15 reps each.
  • The fifth exercise is called “leg lifts”. Lie on a bench or simulator, hands stick to the edges. Start to raise extended legs. At lowering watch that the legs do not touch the bench. This exercise helps to develop and strengthen the lower abdominal muscles.
  • The last exercise is called “side bends with dumbbells”, with its help you can strengthen oblique abdominal muscles. Starting position – standing. Take a dumbbell in each hand, arms along the body. Lean to the side until the dumbbell will be at the level of your knee. Then go back to the starting position and do the exercise leaning the other way.published

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