Framed West Georgia: expert

The outcome of an armed conflict with Russia, Georgia has been predetermined. Mikheil Saakashvili actually signed the surrender, the text of which was submitted to the Russian embassy. He said that withdrew from South Ossetia, in fact them out "brought" the army and Ossetian forces came to the rescue of Russian reinforcements. This commentary IA REGNUM said an expert on the region, Victor Yakubian.

According to him, it is noteworthy that immediately after Saakashvili's statement on the ceasefire and withdrawal of troops, yelled in chorus his partners in the anti-Russian bloc - Poles and Lithuanians. "In particular, the Foreign Minister of Lithuania Petras Vaitiekunas arranged uniforms hysterical, talking about Russia's actions against Georgia, although when Georgian artillery systematically Stripping Tskhinvali on civilians Vaitiekunas even on the horizon to be seen," - said the expert. "It is important that the same representative of Lithuania and all the Polish and American colleagues especially in the depths of the soul realize that it is they framed Georgia, armed it, and thus prompted on this adventure. Saakashvili understands this, deceived in their best expectations. Many thought that would be seen how Russia will leave in the lurch South Ossetia, but in reality, seen as the first US provoked an adventure, and then betrayed his ally - Georgia ", - said Yakubian. According to him, of course, the West is a new subject for criticism of Russia, but it does not save Saakashvili - a surrender which will soon comprehended the Georgian people, and which to this day have no chance to restore the confidence of the Ossetians and Abkhazians, and thus restore Georgia & quot ;.


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