The nature of the Wild West half a century ago (23 photos)

Wild West - a place name in the 1860-1890's, located on the territory of modern American states of Montana, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas and others, which gradually expanded and moved to the west to the Pacific Ocean.

In 1860-1870-ies photographer Timothy O'Sullivan has created one of the most famous collections of images in American history. Photos of Timothy O'Sullivan | Library of Congress.

Wild West was inhabited by Indians who were driven from their land, giving them instead barren territory. Utah, 1872:

Two "hill" near the town of Green River, Wyoming, 1972:

Along with the white settlers came to the West and the new disease. So how could the Indians resisted relocation to the West and white armed clashes between Indians and settlers continued throughout the XIX century. Nevada, 1867:

The cliffs of tufa in the lake in Nevada, 1867:


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