White Lion at home (8 photos)

A resident of the Republic of South Africa Anneli Snyman, got himself a white lion.
She sleeps with him in the same bed, and complained that the place is not enough.
And he is 8 months old, what will happen next, it is not about this thought?

Unusual pet named Timba came from Anneli earlier this year. Anneli addresses with a lion as a domestic cat, although it is more appropriate role of the dog, given his love for walks. On walks Tymbou accompanies dog Diesel, another pet Anneli.

Now Timbo 8 months, and the lion is already large enough, but it has yet to grow and grow - adult Timba will weigh no less than 250 kilograms, but it does not frighten Anneli.

"Often, Timba and Diesel can not share a couch or my attention - says Anneli. - When Timba grow, diesel, probably it will not be easy, but Timba always great to listen to me, and I do not think there will be problems with it ».


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