12 simple rules to protect your pet from heat stroke in hot weather

In these hot summer days, we should remember how dangerous can be hot for our pupils. Thermoregulation they are not so perfect, so we must take care, protecting them from overheating.

All pet owners, we offer to get acquainted with these helpful tips. < Website with all my heart wants to hot summer days bring you and your pet only joy.

Tip number 1. Never leave your pet in a closed car.

We all noticed how hot and stuffy there in the car, if it stands up on a warm day in the sun. Now it is very easy to imagine what is happening to our favorite, when we lock it there and go about their business. Veterinarians warn that it is very dangerous

Tip number 2. Leave the pet at home during the hottest days of 80,236,060

! If it's particularly hot, it is better not to risk it and leave your pet in the house. If this dog, you should withdraw it for a walk in the early morning and late evening when the heat subsides.

And your pet will be grateful if he would be able to cool down in the fan or air conditioner.

Tip number 3. The animal should always have access to drinking water

Like humans, animals need a lot of heat to drink. So be sure to make sure that your pet always enough fresh water. It should be at room temperature, not too hot and not cold.

Do not forget to bring your water if go for a long walk.

Tip number 4. Keep track of body temperature 68,281,731

If you suspect that your pet can overheat, is to measure its temperature. The normal temperature for a dog - 37, 5-39, 3 ° C, , depending on the breed. If it rises above the 40, 5 ° C, , it can be a symptom of heat exhaustion.

Symptoms of heat udara1. Shortness of breath and severe salivation

Our pets cooling mechanism is not the same as ours. They do not sweat and emit excess heat by panting and salivation. Therefore, if your dog too often breathes and emits a lot of saliva, so it is very hot. If you notice this behavior, it is time to move to a cooler place.

2. Red and dry gums

Red and dry mucous membranes in animals indicate that the body is dehydrated. This is very dangerous, especially in the heat.

3. Lethargy and poor coordination of movements

If your pet is sluggish, uncoordinated, or he loses consciousness, it can be a symptom of heat exhaustion. If unconscious, it is better to consult a veterinarian.

How to Help Tip number 1. Move the animal into a cooler place 62,800,826

If your pet is overheated, it must be cool. But do not do it abruptly. It is best to put your pet in a moderately cool place, such as a shadow.

Tip number 2. Napo cool water

The fluid helps the body maintain normal temperature of animals. So if you notice that your pet is overheated, let it cool water. Do not give cold water, it can have the opposite effect.

Tip number 3. Rapidly cool to help water treatment

If you have a dog, it can be cool, watering with a hose or a dip in the bath with cool water. But it must be remembered about the security measures: it is not necessary to water the dog or use a strong jet of cold water. If you decide to bathe your pet, do not immerse it in water with his head.

Tip number 4. Cool the dog using compresses and rubdowns 29,362,226

Another way to reduce the temperature - pet wipe with a damp towel. You can make a poultice of it, putting the towel in the area of ​​the shoulders and neck.

Another way - wipe the pads on the feet with a cotton pad soaked in alcohol. It is important to do it in a cool, well-ventilated area. Then the alcohol evaporates and cools the body of the animal.

Tip number 5. Contact your veterinarian 88,173,241

If, despite all your help, the animal saved overheating symptoms and you can not help on their own, be sure to contact your veterinarian.

< Take care of your pet in the heat, and he will continue to delight you with his love and well-being.

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