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There is no doubt that any person relevant to the field of art, wanted to work in steep feshen magazines, Hollywood film studios, or in the best galleries in the world. Few people know about this, but these dreams are feasible.

We are in the Website to find you the most famous sites and paid internships with grants in places where literally created and stored the art of this planet.

Internships for filmmakers

studio Paramount Pictures offers an impressive training program that allows beginners to the film industry to plunge into this world, to gain practical work experience, to communicate with the professionals present at the shooting, a variety of workshops and other events . Details here. Chicago studio Filmmakers allows a glimpse behind the scenes in the film industry, not only as a valuable intern, but simply a volunteer, if you have enough professional knowledge. Details of the program here. Public Theatre in New York City offers paid internships and neoplachivamye for actors, writers, singers, producers, and directors. See the information on the official website of the theater ProfilCulture -. Site, which publishes the best deals with internships in French cinema Internships strong. > - the page where publishes the best deals with internships in the US cinema Internnzoz -. the best deals with internships in New Zealand cinema. Especially popular local studio effects. for journalists

Training at Harvard. gaining interns for all sorts of media research. Funding in the amount of 30 000 $. All terms and conditions here. Internship in Media Mongolia. There is an opportunity to try yourself and promote your ideas in one of the leading newspapers in Ulaanbaatar or on state television as a TV journalist or operator. The internship lasts for a month, wages at the same time - a little over $ 1000. Meals and lodging are paid. . The information here Journalism in India - the cleanest state of India Kerala is gaining in its staff interns willing to write, edit, go to gather information and pictures. Duration - a month or two. Payment - $ 1000 per month. Details here. Photojournalism in Bangkok. Three-Thai training is available all year round. The salary for the entire period - $ 3500. All the information on the link. Photojournalism in Argentina. A wonderful opportunity to enjoy Buenos Aires and work in a good journal. Salary - $ 1,000. Period - two months. . The information here looksharp - New York City offers a paid internship. Many proposals in the field of journalism and fashion. in museums

Musée d'Orsay, Paris. The Museum offers a variety of options for interns the field of architecture and design. Anticipated payment, depending on the internship period, as well as compensation for transportation and food expenses. .. For details here The Museum of Modern Art Peggy Guggenheim in Venice Interns are invited to dive into the world of a small museum, take part in its daily work - to communicate with visitors to assist the members of the various museum departments. The grant - 750 euros per month. The rest of the conditions here. Natural History Museum, London. On the training is open to all who are interested in the natural history of the UK. Preference is given to young specialists without work experience. Provided an annual grant of 16,500 pounds. More information here. Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Details about the internship for art here. Fine Arts Museum, Bilbao strong > (Basque Country, Spain). Invited university graduates up to 35 years, the conservation and restoration of art objects. internship period - 10 months, beginning - 1 September each year. The successful candidate shall be paid a grant in the amount of 15 000 euros. The rest of the information here. State Museums of Berlin This group includes 17 museums of Berlin, where the training will be of interest to scientists in the field of art, archeology, ethnology and related disciplines. Terms of the link bvdg.de -. German site, where you can also find all kinds of training in the field of art Palace Museum, Taiwan. . The internship is suitable for art. The museum pays only for visa costs and health insurance, but provides accommodation. The information here. Center for Contemporary Arts in Singapore. On an internship in one of the most visited places in the country are invited to cultural studies and art. Click here for details. National Gallery of Art, Washington Work among the masterpieces by Raphael, Titian, and other artists of the world are invited critics. The amount of benefit depends on the type of training and its duration. To request a need to complete the online form. The Museum of Modern Art, New York The museum is among the three best contemporary art museums in the world and offers an incredible variety of paid internship programs. In addition, the museum makes for a US visa. Online application here. source lyudivkulture.rf,
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