7 places where you pay for something that you lived there

It seems to us, not many people know that in the world there are places that for one reason or another, desperately need permanent residents. And to attract people to live and work in these cities, the authorities offer quite considerable sums for the mere fact of living.

If you are still in doubt, here are seven cities that offer a fantastic opportunity to learn the culture of another country. And you for it also pay. Isn't it great.

The city of Detroit, Michigan, USA

"Paris of the West", the "Car capital of the US"... Almost deserted city lost on these glorious titles in the second half of the twentieth century. And currently struggles to restore its former glory. Local authorities introduced its new program called Challenge Detroit, which offers $ 2,500 specialists in different areas of the industry, who will live and work in the city.


If you like winter, snow scenery and leisurely pace of life and you are not afraid of low temperatures, then life in Alaska may be perfect for you. A government Fund pays professionals who agree to work in regions where the population is steadily declining. The only condition is that you need to live in Alaska at least one year.

Saskatchewan, Canada

The canadian province offers recently graduated from universities, professionals (by 2010) that have not yet decided what they should do in life, this terrific opportunity. Young enthusiasts will pay 20 thousand canadian dollars for a work and residence in the province for seven years.

Niagara falls, USA

Another fantastic opportunity that seems too incredible to be true — to live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet and get more money. The authorities offer 7 thousand dollars to graduates of a University as a motivating factor to work in local enterprises for two years.

Pong, Asturias, Spain

This delightful little village on the protected territories of the North-East of Spain is one of the oldest in the country. To attract young residents and strengthening the economy of local authorities offer 3 thousand euros each young couple who move there to live. Plus, for every child born in the village pay 3 thousand euros. This is a great opportunity to live in an incredibly beautiful place with clean environment.

Utrecht, Netherlands

The Netherlands is known worldwide for his deep study of the Humanities and social Sciences. And here is one of their social experiments: what happens if all living in the same city will get 1 thousand dollars?

Curtis, ne, USA

Each of us must have complained that local authorities are not doing for the city, nothing significant. The American town of Curtis has proposed a solution — anyone can get a plot for free, if the offer is really a worthwhile idea to improve city infrastructure or culture.published



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