Smart people go late, throw things, and can screw the strong language

If as a child you are blamed for the chaos on the desk and the fight went to bed early, and as an adult, you realize that sometimes dirty word is not replaced by any other, then take ... congratulations from the Website
< Smart people sometimes use foul language

In society there is a perception that only uneducated people used obscene language, because they have a limited vocabulary. But in fact, the vocabulary is limited to those who do not use unprintable language.

US scientists decided to conduct an interesting experiment: they asked the subjects to name as many swear words. The result was unexpected: the ones who named the greatest quantity had the highest IQ level of the entire group. The oratorical ability of these people, of course, also proved to be the most outstanding.

However, still a smart person and describes the ability to use any words to the site and the ability, when necessary, to remain silent.

< We have a talented and smart habit to sit up late into the night For a long time scientists have observed the outstanding people and we concluded that the owls tend to have more vyskoky level IQ. So if you like to go to bed later, you can enjoy:. You are in the company of Charles Darwin, Winston Churchill and Elvis Presley

A creative mess and uncommon intelligence go hand in hand

Desk Albert Einstein.

The result of the study was the University of Minnesota concluded: Chaos on the desktop is not talking about that man - a slob, and that his brain is busy to really serious work. That's right: when the work does not go, we do anything - such as a table or rub sharpen pencils

. Psychologists also believe that indiscriminate Wednesday tunes on a creative way, helps to think more broadly and to go beyond the usual.

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