How to save baby from the heat

We waited so long for summer, and now it's finally here, bringing with him the utter heat and heat. How to protect your child from the harmful effects of the sun?

When in the street +30, even if you're not under direct sunlight, there is a risk for heat stroke. Of course, to sit the whole day at home under the air conditioner is not an option, because the baby needs fresh air, though the hot outrageously. Meet the most important safety rules in the heat.

— More traffic – more risk. The more a child moves, the higher the risk for heat stroke. Make sure that the hottest hours are from 11 to 16 baby spent at home. Going to the beach or a walk around town, make sure to have some time of fresh air, or just quietly sat in the shadows. Optimal time – up to 10-11 hours in the morning and in the evening from 16-17 hours. If the day was particularly hot, you can walk with the baby at least until 11pm – let making up for lost hours of sleep during the day.

— Sunscreen is a must. There is no need to dress your baby in a long sleeve shirt and pants, this will further raise the risk for heat stroke. Instead, cover exposed skin toddler sunscreen with a protection factor of at least SPF 40. Please note that to apply the cream should be even if you are in the shade.

— Think about clothes. Only natural fabrics – that should be your rule during hot days. As already mentioned, it is not necessary to coddle the child from head to toe. A special focus on headdress: it should be easy and free, do not squeeze your head. Necessarily from natural fabrics.

— Constant drinking. The child needs to sweat – this keeps the normal water balance in the body. Constantly give him something to drink, preferably juice, and sodas, and plain water or unsweetened fruit compote. Let him drink at one time a couple of SIPS, but regularly.

Air conditioning to help. If the street is great heat, but the humidity is high, there is an effect of the tropics, the moisture simply evaporates from the surface of the body, and the risk of heat stroke increases dramatically. In this case, you will help air conditioning. If you walk around the city, from time to time go to shopping malls or stores in those where there is air conditioning. Half an hour stay there will help the body to establish a heat exchange function.

— Bathe wherever possible. Stay in the water cools the body, so while at the beach, let the baby often to bathe and swim. If you are in town, have a supply of water: you can play games with spray or just wash my face and hands and feet as often as possible.

First aid for heat and sunstroke

Be sure to call for an ambulance and while she goes, if possible, consult with any health care provider, who can call immediately. Go to the pharmacy or the clinic, if they are close. If you walk around the hotel or base of rest – a contact there.

Move child to a cool place if possible – a room with a working AC, and turn it to maximum cooling mode. If this is not possible, you can surround the child's body soaked in cold water towels to fan him magazines or Newspapers – in short, do everything you can as quickly as possible to cool it and lower the temperature.

Be sure to give him. Plain water, small SIPS, frequently. published


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