Fragrant bath bombs (7 pics + 1 video)

Now you will learn how to make a flavorful and healthy bath bombs with their own hands.
A great gift can make a loved one.
This precisely can not be bought in the store.

Agree, after the working day as well relax in a warm bath, and if you add to it flavored effervescent bomb - is a double pleasure.

For this master class, we have chosen the most popular and simple recipe. But based on it, you can come up with its own - for example, milk substitute starch or oat oatmeal. The mixture may add any base oil, sea salt and other useful ingredients. The flavor and color of the bomb - also your choice. Experiment!

We need:

4 tablespoons of baking soda
2 tablespoons of citric acid
1 tablespoon dry milk
1 tablespoon sea salt
2 tablespoons of base oil (in our case - peach)
5 drops of essential oil of bergamot
5 drops of essential oil of rosemary
dry flowers heather

The cooking process:

First sift soda to no more lumps. Pour into a clean, dry bowl. Add the citric acid, cream and sea salt, pre-chopped in a coffee grinder.

All very thoroughly mixed, the components were evenly distributed. Please note that the filler can be any: milk powder and sea salt, as in this recipe, corn or potato starch, powdered sugar and even more.

Take the base oil (in our case - a peach, but it can be almond or olive. Everything on your taste). In a separate container, mix it with the essential oils of bergamot and rosemary. You can add a few drops of vitamin A and E.

Add the oil mixture obtained in dry bulk. Thoroughly mix the hands (required gloves).

If the dough is too dry and crumbly, gently moistens it with water from a small spray gun and quickly stir. 1-2 puff will suffice. Be sure that the mixture does not start to sizzle. The dough will be moistened sufficiently if a lump when compressed in a fist will not crumble into pieces.

Thus, the dough is moist enough, then it can be distributed on the shaper. At the bottom of the form we place a pinch of dried flowers heather, spread a teaspoon of layers. Thoroughly rammed each. Instead, you can put heather oatmeal, dry flowers of cornflower, rose petals, coffee beans, everything depends on your imagination and availability.

There are special forms for bombs, but you can do children's plastic sandbox, cases of chocolate eggs. For round perfect bowl of candy. The form may be any, as long as it is not bent.

Allowed to dry at room temperature in a dry, dark place at night. Then gently pull out the bomb out of the mold and keep it another day. Now our pop is ready to use!

Remember, you need to store the finished bombs in plastic wrap to preserve the aroma of essential oils and moisture levels.

And a bit of advice from "seasoned." If the bombs began to increase sharply in volume, as soon as you got them out of shape, or the next morning showed a flattened pancake, not a neat ball - do not panic. You should know that this could happen for several reasons:

 - Have been added too much oil or water;
 - Indoors or outdoors high humidity (rain comes, boiling kettle, the food is cooked with the release of large amounts of steam and so forth.).

If you understand that the bombs "explode", do not remove it from the molds. Wrap in a tight plastic bag and place in the freezer. If the humidity in the room is large, try anhydrous manufacturing method using for this purpose an alcohol, or adding more oil.

These simple tips will help you quickly and without hassle to create your own unique pop.

It is also suggested to see a detailed video lesson on how to make bombs for baths:
Enjoy an aromatherapy session!



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