The coolest arrow Wild West

# 6. Buckshot Roberts brings down one whole gang of Billy the Kid
Andrew "Buckshot" Roberts appears as a protagonist in every other Western. This story even steeper.
You see, Billy the Kid (famous arrows) and his band of "regulators" were allowed to arrest Roberts, because of the murder of John Tunstall landowner, with whom Billy was gesheftik. Roberts hollows not beat who this Tunstall and what he died, but how hot Texas boy did not hesitate to show his trunk when Billy showed up and offered to leave the fun pellets.
For you to understand - when he was surrounded by fourteen armed people (it's more the football team), he obmateril each separately and sent all together. Roberts almost immediately shot off a member, but he managed to injure three until the rifle was empty shop. When Bill proposed to measure members (now just thinking that will win), Roberts took the rifle by the barrel, and spurs his butt (or maybe he was still a long, history is silent).
Then Roberts went home for the ammunition, and the gang tried to surround him. Roberts reload and immediately blew one bandit on the confetti head. Then Billy realized that enough for today, and told his gang to show the heel. They Roberts left the house where he died from loss of blood the next day. The moral of the story is one of the coolest shooters in the history of the wild west, with the support of his gang could not break mortally wounded Buckshot Roberts.

#5. James Riley staged a massacre in Hyde Park
James Riley was eighteen guy and sick with tuberculosis. When he got out of bed, he spit up their lungs and they managed to shove back when he again took a horizontal position. When his teacher was shot dead in front of him, he assembled the frame and riddled four murderers in seconds, purely for the order.
You see, teacher, police officer Mike Riley was McCluskey, who taught him to shoot, smoking and aunts slap on the ass. Back in 1871 McCluskey was caught in the corner saloon chetyrmya guys who tried to explain to him that he had absolutely nothing they shot one another. In the process of explanation from the police remained a bunch of red meat and tumanchik.
However, instead of completely suffocate horror, Riley stood before the four armed men, who killed him just one friend, and showed them a lead storm (killing two more generally uninvolved). When the smoke cleared in the saloon, Riley disappeared and about him no one else heard.
This is not just a beautiful legend. As soon as James Riley avenged the death of his friend, he came out of the saloon, went into the desert, and no one else has ever seen. No one knows whether it reached somewhere and when he died. Maybe his ghost still walks the desert.

#4. Captain Jonathan Davis met with fourteen bandits
A former police captain (in America was the police) and a veteran of the Mexican War, Jonathan Davis after the war, went to California at the height of the gold rush.
In 1854, Davis and two of his friends met 14 armed bandits who had shot and killed several people in the last two weeks because I did not want to own gold mine.
Friends instantly pull up, leaving the captain a good chance to sort things out for himself. He took both of his revolver and shot the first two shots of the two bandits. By the time the emptied drums, was seven dead and three gave up and dumped. Four more just got angry and Cavalry Sabres, forcing Davis to get his knife Bowie (Texas is such a machete). He draslya bravely, and because it was cooler nail in the coffin, killed all four.

# 3. George Patton (a veteran of World War II) entered into a gunfight with people Pancho Villa
George Patton back in 1916, as a young lieutenant chased Pancho Villa along the Mexican border as part of the US Army. There he was able to participate in one of the last skirmishes of the wild west.
Patton and 10 soldiers arrived at the ranch of San Miguelito to arrest Villa, who recently attacked the town of Columbus, New Mexico. Patton drove up to the gates of the ranch and the three men left the Villa to meet him as the people of El Guapo in the film Three Amigo.
Point began to shrink, and he took the Colt "Peacemaker" sample in 1873 (which was already well out of date after the release of the Colt M1911, but the tradition of the Wild West had to respect). Bullets whistled at a temple but Patton shot two horses right under the bandits. Both the gunman were wounded during the fall. Patton politely waited until the tritium bandit hardly took out his gun, and when he finally managed, shot him with one shot.
Patton three bodies tied to his cart, and brought his commander, purely neighing.

# 2. Bass Reeves understands the three murderers of policemen with maximum politeness
Bass Reeves was a slave in Texas before they fled to Oklahoma, where he was appointed deputy marshal for his ability Ranger and Sniper. During his career he has participated in more firefights than any action movie star and planted about 3,000 people, 14 of them - in the ground.
One of the crown pinned Reeves happened when he went to take the three brothers Bryunter - killers guards coaches (they do their looting after the murders but it is just as important as telephone Prank or refund neperemotannyh disks). Although it is generally risky Reeves just walked up to him and politely handed the arrest warrant into the hands and wished that they had surrendered as quiet as possible so as not to disturb others.
The brothers wanted to shoot him in the head, at arm's length that was easy. Nevertheless, Reeves was faster and managed to shoot two brothers, and the third just knocked the gun from his hands and put in a corner, as promised.

#1. Sheriff Baca neubivaemy Elf
When in 1884 he was a deputy sheriff in the county of Socorro, New Mexico, he ran into a gang war with Texas cowboys who like to fill up the city and in jokes populyat that in general do not like the guards of law and order. Buck was born without fear responsible for the part of the brain so he began with the arrest of Cowboy Charlie McCarthy for shooting at a local disco (music then was settling and shooting in the legs was sometimes the only way to get anyone to dance).
McCarthy worked for a large landowner Tom Slaughter, who collected three thugs who had to say so he let Buck McCarthy. Buck shot one and wounded another. When cooled the heels of the third after he escaped, Slaughter collected 80 (eighty) of its Licking and moved to Tank home to put him in his place. Catching Baku in his hut, the cowboys took his army to the siege on all night, firing 4,000 bullets in the wooden wall. Then he tried to ignite, still later - to blow up. The roof collapsed from the explosion in the "Die Hard".
Buck after 33 hours of tusy and was not injured, in response could kill and injure 4 10 Cowboys.
The next day Baku afraid of everything. They were afraid to such a degree that he never personally arrested no one, he sent an order by mail, and the criminals themselves come.
"It's a warrant for your arrest. Please give up. If you show me that you resist arrest, I will shoot you as soon as I see it. Sincerely, Elfego Baca, the Sheriff. "



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