American ghost towns

Imagine that your town in which you live now completely extinct. Ie now all the people, and you can safely roam the deserted houses, shops, schools, railway stations and so on. It turns out these "settlements" exist in reality, for which he was dubbed a ghost town. For various reasons these people have left the city in the past, leaving all the buildings at the mercy of natural forces. In America, a lot of them - throw a short selection of 30 photos.

Idaho. Aydahositi.

Idaho. Custer.

3. Idaho. Pionervill.

4. Idaho. Silversiti.

5. Ibid.

6. Arizona. Jerome.

7. Arizona. Fairbank.

8. Montana. Glendl.

9. California. Bodie.

10. California. Eagle Mountain.

11. Colorado. Hancock.

12. Colorado. Sauspark (Gee ... Here it is, South Park)

13. Colorado. St. Elmo.

14. Montana. Bandak.

15. Ibid.

16. Montana. Virdzhiniasiti.

17. Ibid.

18. Montana. Laurin.

19. Nevada. Belmont.

20. Nevada. Berlin.

21. Nevada. Goldpoint.

22. Nevada. Golfild.

23. Nevada. Manhattan.

24. Nevada. Osceola.

25. Nevada. Silversiti.

New Mexico. Moggolin.

27. New Mexico. Tsimmaron. (Lighting cool !!!)

28. Utah. Grafton.

29. Utah. Paria.

30. Utah. Eureka.



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