Waste cities

Living in a big city surrounded by people, it is difficult to imagine that the crowd and crush are not everywhere. In the world there are empty city, or ghost towns. Romantic name, but it is quite real objects, you can get there, some of them are even included in the tours. List of cities is quite large, especially a lot of them in America. However, staying in them is not always safe - because in order to empty the area, we need a good reason, and people leave the populated areas only when live in them becomes impossible. Cities are empty because of the downturn in economic activity, wars, natural and man-made disasters.

1. Pripyat.
The ruined city, located in the zone of radioactive contamination at the border of Ukraine and Belarus. By the time when the crash occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the city population was 50,000 people. On the territory of Pripyat remains intact, the only people left as fast as we could. Now this city - a museum of the Soviet era, there are guided tours are held, although the background radiation remains elevated.

2. Centralia, Pennsylvania, USA.
Centralia was founded in 1841, settled in it mainly miners. More than a hundred years here seething life, and then coal deposits near the town suddenly lit up. Attempts to extinguish the fire failed, for two decades underground smoldering coal. Carbon monoxide, hanging over the area, make living in Centralia very uncomfortable, frequent poisoning. Alarm sounded when gas stations began to ignite gasoline, and the city began to fall to the ground. Extinguish the fire which is under the ground in a small town not economically viable, cheaper to relocate all. Home residents to move out immediately demolished. Now the city is home to less than a thousand people, mostly priests. The fire is still raging underground, and experts predict will burn layers 250 years.

3. San Zhi, Taiwan.
San Zhi - ghost town in northern Taiwan. It was originally designed in futuristic style as a luxury resort for the wealthy. However, after numerous accidents that occurred at a construction site, the construction of the city was stopped. As usual, the lack of funds for further construction has meant that almost ready city was abandoned. Nearby residents believe that here live the ghosts of those who died during the construction. It does not allow the authorities to demolish the city for fear of retaliation by the spirits.

Also in Taiwan have abandoned amusement park - World catholyte. He was not abandoned because neokupaemosti, but because of the earthquake, which occurred September 21, 1999. The earthquake destroyed most of the attractions, and the owners of the park considered uneconomic to restore it.


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