As the subconscious asks us the most difficult task in life

Nature does not preserve that contradicts it...

The human mind operates on the basis of concepts that we use every day. Words are transferred into images, and the image that we projected and then see in reality.

In our minds there are deep layers, which are called subconscious , it gives man the most difficult tasks in life.

Why do we have to meet this person, why we experience pain when there is happiness? All these issues are considered to be philosophical, they are hard to find answers. The subconscious mind stores information from the whole of our existence from previous incarnations, of the lives that once lived our soul in different bodies. Of course, today people have removed from your consciousness the concept of rebirth, but this does not mean that the universe has changed his principles, because the energy is not going anywhere and it doesn't occur, it simply changes.



Recent studies of quantum physicists prove that there is a field of pure potential, where images are formed and transferred in the manifested world, that is our reality. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, as it is known, from responsibility, and so mankind, forgetting certain concepts vital, it becomes very vulnerable and hurts your spirit, spinning negative events, thereby creating a bad karma, that is, a causal relationship.

If the logic to perform the basic tenets of Buddhism, we can trace the brilliant simplicity: man is born, because his life has some purpose, if it was not, then why the spirit would pass through the pains of birth and death. This objective is realized in that moment, when a person asks questions: Who am I? Why should I? Where's my place? These questions will certainly lead you to situations and people that will help you to find the answers. The main thing to believe it.

On earth, people must be a defense mechanism against the negative impact, this mechanism created the universe is the law of the boomerang, or karma: the law of cause and effect, which is also very simple: causing harm to another, you generate events with the same energy to yourself, and that is to do more good, because it will come back to you. People have become unconscious for the most part, they have forgotten the laws of the world, and therefore began to suffer. The law of karma allows you to reach the level of a happy life, if at the moment of anger and hatred, aggression and resentment suddenly stop and think, "What do I choose?". And choose nonviolence, knowing that the universe will certainly realize its principle, and people will find their punishment from other sources. You don't need to judge anyone, the one who does evil, chooses suffering by an act of evil.

How did it happen that people forget the mechanisms by which the universe communicates? It is created purposefully, mechanisms wrong perception of the world, present us with those who control the world, media, cinema, television. These are the mechanisms that introduce incorrect notions, replacing them eternal values at the level of archetypes.

Archetypes is subliminal images that are stored in our brain the structure of the subcortex, these are images on which rests the life of love, family, home, gratitude, happiness. It is a deep eternal values-concepts that break the negative introductions, after which the person comes to the wrong deeds, in consequence of which his life has no meaning and death. Death is not the worst thing that will happen to a person with a broken archetypes, the destruction of the spirit at a deep level happens to people who forget the laws of universal plan.

I want to show you is losing its life's main archetypes. The archetype of the family. The family is the place where we are loved. Family is care, support, attention, these are the values that are formed in childhood. Now, such negative concepts in this archetype, as free marriages, where partners are changed and it becomes the norm. Introducing same-sex marriage, who organize the parades, with the goal of bringing into its ranks the young generation of people whose values have not yet formed.

The archetype of the family is one of kind. The roots that give us strength. The rejection of a kind of condemnation of parents, resentment at those who gave you life, lead to a profound destruction and the inability to build your family. Unresolved issues with parents – the most powerful unit in the future descendants. In addition, the family is time spent together, when everyone can Express themselves and be themselves, this cell is replaced completely by means of scientific and technological revolution. Where is the truth, you ask, how to understand what is right and what is not.

The real teacher is nature. It absolutely does not take money for information, she gives you all selflessly. Lessons of nature and the archetype of family: the cubs are never left without support, any child can be even in animals, there is always the female who feeds the offspring.

The trees, which destroy the roots die because they are the Foundation and basis on which life develops. Trees teach us to respect their family and not judge him, whatever it was. When I wrote the genealogical tree of my family, I suddenly found that my family were the worthy representatives: the officers, teachers, engineers, priests, economists. The people who gave me their blood and it's preserved secrets, she carries the memory in the cells DNA. After finishing his genealogical tree, I felt the power that grew in me, I felt my ancestors near and support me. They are all gone, inside of my deep memory and now help me, maybe when I hear their intuition. The archetype of the family is a fundamental and working to preserve it, you will ensure the moral health of their children.

Children need to educate themselves, not giving them to your parents or teachers if you want to keep their them, give them time. Your time is the most valuable resource, this is what you have, and everything you invest in your children you'll be back.

The archetype House is an ancient concept that gives us power, this concept does not mean an apartment and expensive furniture in it, this notion of space in which you live. The archetype house was destroyed by the Russian people when the Soviet regime took away the house, and with it the land on which the person was born and all the people were driven to the city to build factories. Today, the majority of people have no homes, literally and figuratively. The archetype of the home – deformed and completely erased from memory. Home for many has become a job. People outside don't see me they don't want to go home because at home there in the subconscious. The space is completely absent. Each creature in nature has its own space in which they feel comfortable. If you don't have it, so it is necessary to create it. Space even the small and simple you can improve and decorate.

The main law of success says: "Do what you can with what you have where you are." The archetype of the house enters the space of the country. Why now people have forgotten about patriotism, because the archetype is destroyed. It should recover, morally, to treat the absence, everything in nature has mechanisms of healing, and therefore, restoring your space and loved it, you revive yourself.

Archetype love This archetype cancelled and have undergone the strongest deformation. Love completely replaced by the concept of money, sex, property. Love has become a commodity and property, love can be erased, it can change, it generally forgotten people. Because they are so frantically looking for, where is it love? And why so alone, where is someone else?

Love is a feeling that is born inside. She was born and she is free. Love the quiet and asks nothing in return, you just love humans and love yourself, preserving your dignity. Love is what happens after sex, not Vice versa. Love is the most profound, than being born a human being.

We are all love our parents to each other. We ourselves love. It is important to remember that love is a verb, means to do, to love is to care, to respect, to give, to appreciate, to enrich, to develop, to give. To love is to do something for another, not to. We all want love it is because it was replaced.

Archetypes is a genetic memory, even if it is destroyed has the ability to recover. Remembering the archetypes, the true values and human concepts do you remember their name and life takes on a completely different meaning.

Nature does not preserve that contradicts it, but that is in step with the development of the universe improves, develops and enriches, makes sense... posted

Author: Timoshkina Anna

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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