Role-playing games of our subconscious

For those who engaged in self-development, it is no secret that the subconscious of different people connected on a subtle level.



What is it? Synchronicity is always present in our lives, someone to a lesser extent, and someone constantly.

Synchronicity is supposedly a coincidence of circumstances, when you find yourself in a situation, allegedly accidental, but in the scope of statistics that will not fit. For example, you need to meet a specific person and you meet him on the street in a huge city. Or are you looking for a new job and meet an old friend that helps you.

I'm sure with you many times something like this happens and you can't explain it to mere coincidence, because the probability of such coincidence is almost zero.

The fact that almost 99% of their actions we make unconsciously: choose the route, do daily things, etc.

We don't think "Now I'll go to the store and I am fully aware of this," we simply go and everything. Our subconscious mind does almost all the work information processing, and consciousness merely observes and corrects.

And then the magic begins: our subconscious have a connection to the "subtle spiritual level, they are able to handle our requests and synchronizing events. For example, to bring two people to each other during travel, etc.

Thus synchronized are thousands of subconscious, it is like a huge computer service that processes requests and displays various intentions a reality.


Training system


The goal of each person is development. The spirit of each person is thousands of incarnations and thus develops. And to develop the necessary lessons.

These lessons are life situations. Finding the way out from any life situation, we change ourselves and thus progress.

The most popular is the showdown in the family, conflicts at work, illness, etc. Any conflict is a signal that we are in a state of lesson.


What process occurs at the level of the subconscious?


For example, the subconscious of one person realizes that he lacks the courage and the courage, self-confidence. Therefore, it is through synchronicities associated with the subconscious of other people and causes aggression itself.

These people just want to click on the forehead as soon as they cautiously enter the room. The purpose of their subconscious mind: to pump themselves, but it does it's not really humane way.

It is a kind of role play: one person is a victim, the other as the aggressor and this process beforehand "agreed" between their subconscious. The situation can be different: victim — aggressor, the offended — offender, lack of something, etc.

However, we are always given challenges from which there is access, because the subconscious is stupid to drive themselves in a desperate situation. The higher your level, the harder the task.

Conclusion: if your life now has certain problems, conflicts, etc., then you need to change yourself, to reconsider their attitude to these things. After you revise your beliefs, these events permanently out of your life.



During the study we change your subconscious settings and it allows you to jump from level to level without passing through the trials of life.

In principle, any test of life is study, because at this time there is a revision of your subconscious installations.

However, the study does a very clever trick: it changes the installation, making certain vital tests are meaningless. For example, a man was in a state of lack of money, the subconscious put him in this situation, it sinhroniziruete the events of his life, to reconsider their beliefs and thus developing.

But this man has redefined beliefs with techniques for working with the subconscious and, from the point of view of the subconscious, he does not have to sit without money. He is ready for lessons of a higher level, the solution of much larger problems.

Therefore, all mental contracts associated with the lack of money, broken and in his life suddenly appear money.

Techniques for working with the subconscious allow for the revision with great speed, I don't have to "punch a wall with your head" to understand that there is a door. What previously took years of suffering to make a revision, it is now possible to work in a few weeks.



That can interfere with the synchronicity? Our subconscious mind and brain are very finely tuned system. In the human brain tens of billions of neurons, each associated with certain parts of our spiritual body.

If the damage of the neurons is disturbed and the operation of the system of synchronicity. A person who uses, for example, alcohol, drugs, certain medications, or poisoned food, partially or completely disables itself from this system.

There are such ants, each ant builds a nest on a specific plan and he did not need a plan or drawing for construction. He clearly fulfills their role. If you ant to withdraw away from the nest (coverage of his bio), he loses orientation and ceases to operate as part of the overall system.


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The iceberg of the brain: our subconscious mind is smarter than we thought


Person to lose touch with the General biofield, one need not go far, he need some time to ease your brain. The system of synchronicity stops working, the subconscious can no longer be adequately synchronized with other people.

Such a person can act alone, if he wants something, his subconscious will not be able to help him, he will have to fight himself alone, losing health, strength and time.

After the person ceases to poison himself, his brain repairs itself and again become available such joys of life as synchronicity and powerful intuition.published


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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