As the subconscious mind asks us the most difficult tasks of life.

The human mind operates on the basis of the concepts that we use every day. Words are transferred to the image, and the image is formed, and then projecting that we see in reality.

In our minds there are deep layers, which are called subconscious is it gives a person the most difficult tasks of life.

Why are we just met this man why we experience pain, when there will be happiness? All these issues are considered to be philosophical, they are hard to find answers. The subconscious stores the information from all of our existence from past incarnations of lives that once lived our soul in other bodies. Of course, today people are removed from their consciousness the concept of rebirth, but that does not mean that the universe has changed his principles, because the energy is not going anywhere, and neither of which does not arise, it is simply modified.

Recent studies of quantum physicists argue that there is a field of pure potential, where images are formed and transformed into the phenomenal world, that is our reality. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, as you know, the responsibility, and because humanity has forgotten certain concepts, vital, it becomes very vulnerable and hurting spirit, spinning adverse events, thereby creating for themselves the bad karma, that is a causal relationship.

If logically examine the basic tenets of Buddhism, it is possible to trace the brilliant simplicity: a man is born, because his life has a purpose if it was not, then why would the spirit pass through the torments of birth and death. This aim is realized in that moment, when a person asks the questions: Who am I? Why am I? Where is my seat? These issues will certainly lead you to situations and people who will help to find the answers. The main thing to believe in it.

On the ground, people will certainly be a defense mechanism against the negative influence of this mechanism the universe created by the law of a boomerang, or karma, the law of cause and effect, which is also very simple: to hurt the other, you form events with the same energy for himself, and because It should do more good, because it will come back to you. People have become unconscious for the most part, they have forgotten the laws of the world, and therefore began to suffer. The law of karma allows you to reach the level of a happy life, if you're in the moment of anger and hatred, aggression and resentment suddenly stop and think, "What do I choose?". And choose nonviolence, knowing that the universe is certainly realizes its principle and a man finds his punishment from other sources. You do not need anyone to judge the one who does evil, chooses his suffering by the very act of evil.

How did it happen that people have forgotten the mechanisms by which interacts universe? It is created specifically, mechanisms incorrect perception of the world we form those who rule the world, the media, film and television. These are the mechanisms that implement the wrong concepts, replacing them eternal values ​​at the level of archetypes.

Archetypes - a subliminal images that are stored in our brain structure in the subcortex, are images, which keeps life: love, family, home, gratitude and happiness. This deep eternal values, concepts that are destroyed by negative implants, then a person comes to the wrong things, in consequence of which his life is meaningless, and death. Death - not the worst thing that is waiting for a man with shattered archetypes, the destruction of the spirit at a deep level occurs with people who have forgotten the laws of the universal plan.

I want to show you how to break down the main living archetypes. The archetype of the family. Family - a place where we are loved. Family - is the concern, support, attention, are values ​​which are formed in childhood. Who introduced such negative concepts in this archetype as free marriages where the partners are changing and it is becoming the norm. Introduced same-sex marriage, which organizes parades in order to attract to its ranks the young generation of people whose values ​​have not yet formed.

The archetype of the family - a kind of connection. Rod - roots that give us strength. Disclaimer kind of condemnation of the parents, resentment toward those who gave you life, lead to the destruction depth and inability to build a family. Outstanding issues with parents - the most powerful unit in the future descendants. In addition, the family - it's the time spent together, when everyone can express themselves and be themselves, this cell is completely replaced by means of scientific and technological revolution. Where is the truth, you ask, how to understand what is right and what is not.

The real teacher - nature. It is close by and did not take money for information, it gives you all completely disinterested. Lessons from nature in the archetype of the family: Young never left without support, other people's children do not happen even in animals, there is always the female, which brings up posterity.

Trees that have destroyed the roots - die because they - the foundation and the basis on which life develops. Trees teach us to respect their family and do not judge him, whatever it was. When I wrote to the family tree of your family, I suddenly discovered that my family were worthy representatives of the officers, teachers, engineers, priests, economists. The people who gave me their blood, and it kept secret, it carries the memory cells in the DNA. When you have finished your family tree, I felt a force that grew in me, I felt that my ancestors there and support me. They are all those who have left are in my deep memory and now help me, maybe when I hear your intuition. The archetype of the family - a fundamental and working for its conservation, you will provide the moral health of their children.

Children need to educate themselves without giving them to their parents or teachers if you want to keep your them, give them time. Your time - the most valuable resource, it is something that is always there with you, and everything you put in your children will come back to you.

Archetype House - is an ancient concept that gives us the strength, the concept does not mean an expensive apartment and the furniture in it, the concept of space in which you live. The archetype of the house was destroyed by a Russian man, when the Soviet government selected the house, and with it the land on which a person was born and all the people were herded into the city, to build factories. Today, most people do not have a home, literally and figuratively. Archetype House - deformed and completely erased from the memory. Home to many was the work. People outside do not represent themselves, they do not want to go home, because home is not in the subconscious. The space is completely absent. Each creature in nature has its own space in which they feel comfortable. If you do not, then it is necessary to create it. The space, even the smallest and most simple you can improve and beautify.

The main success of the law reads: "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Archetype House moves into the space of the country. Why are people forget about patriotism, because inside the archetype destroyed. It should be to restore, to heal the moral lack, everything in nature has a healing mechanisms, and therefore restoring its space and love him, you revive yourself.

The archetype of love - The archetype annulled and underwent the most severe strain. Love completely replaced the concept of money, property. Love has become a commodity and property, love can be erased, it can be exchanged, it generally forgotten people. Because they are so frantically looking for, where is it love? And why so lonely, where there someone else?

Love - a feeling which is born within. She was born just and it is free. Love is quiet and asks nothing in return, you just love the person and love yourself, keeping their dignity. Love is the most profound, what a human being is born.

We all - this is the love of our parents to each other. We ourselves - love. It is important to remember that love - it is a verb, meaning to do, to love - so take care, to respect, to give, to cherish, to enrich, to develop, to give. Love - is doing something for the other, rather than to receive. Everyone wants to love just because it replaced.

Archetypes - a genetic memory, even if it has destroyed the ability to recover. Remembering the archetypes, the true values ​​and human notions you remember his own name, and life takes on a totally different meaning.

Nature does not save that it contradicts, but what is up with the development of the universe is improving, developed and enriched, it makes sense ...

"Where are the disease"


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