Soviet childhood through the eyes of American photographer

These pictures were created specifically for LIFE magazine who took the work in which lies the story. Nostalgia... And remember yourself at that time? Coats, which was hard to walk.

  And definitely the scarves, not the barrel.

  The sled is the best mode of transport.

  Mikaaa, come out goaaaaaal!

  A grandmother who looks out not only for his grandchildren.


  Homemade roller coaster.

  The best winter fun...

  For large and small.

  Note that all the fur coats.

  So warm that even on the bench to sit cold.

  Feeding the pigeons is a pleasurable activity not only in summer.

  The city's Central hill.

  Babies in the cold walking too.

  Exactly what you say

  And in the evening was especially magical.

  With dad on the ice...

  And race with my mom.

  Rumania cheeks...

  And full of bumps.


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