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Pictures with stories by renowned photographer Igor Gavrilov, who has devoted his difficult profession for more than 40 let.Igor Gavrilov - a living legend of Soviet photojournalism. His work is amazing, every photo - that's life, is not covered, and caught off guard. Many brilliant photos of the author are not published at the time only because they were too plausible.

For Igor main genre - the analytical report. The main objective of the work - take a picture of the truth, in search of which he has traveled all over Russia, worked in 50 countries abroad, photographed almost all the hot spots of our country, on the seventh day after the explosion flew over the Chernobyl reactor.

Professionalism, a great love for his work, and the right principles did the work of Igor significant and internationally recognized. Images photographer published in the most prestigious journals: Paris Matsh, Le photo, Stern, Spiegel, Independent, Elle, Play function boy - and many others. Nominated for the title "Best Photographer of the Year" by the magazine «Time». Winner of World Press Photo.

On March 29 edition of "Russian Reporter" published an article in which 50 staff were selected photographs taken by them in very different stages of life - from student years until very recent trips around the planet. Igor told about each shot - somewhere in a nutshell, somewhere in detail, and somewhere - and retreats into a more general topics.

The result was pitched the story, compelling look at the pictures quite a different angle.


The end of the 80's - early 90's. Communal. It looks like a decoration on "Mosfilm", where temporary barriers according constructed depicting some life. But this is quite a real apartment.

I was asked to remove the theme of communal. I am not in one of the apartment, and strained all his friends who know or have friends who live in communal apartments. But this I was completely amazed. In the picture - a large room of the same family. There is here in the corner sits the mother, below us it was her daughter is very cute. They just razgorodili this large room plywood partition that once separated from each other. But razgorodili to the ceiling, and up to the middle, so it was possible to get this partition, and from there to make a shot. I remember pylischa there to wipe, I think, six months or a year, I'm out of tears all in some web, dust dash what.

Symbol epohi

That is what we live for many years and only when the man came into the store and saw there completely empty shelves. This is the beginning of 90th or the 89th.

"Where were you? .."

Shot with the unhappy fate. I made it in Western Ukraine, in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk. In those days, there has gathered quite a large number of foreigners from the Soviet bloc, a lot of reporters. I went to the press center of the hotel and saw this scene at the bus stop. Just double-click. I was attacked some military, began to shout to the whole Ivano-Frankivsk, that I denigrate the Soviet way of life, why I shoot people with disabilities, where I come from.

In the "Ogonyok" frame is not printed, and wherever I offered him no, he never took. The chief editor of the magazine "Soviet Photo" himself with his own hands three times the frame is laid out from the collections that were sent to some international photo contests - "Inter-picture" or the World Press Photo, accompanying their actions unflattering comments.

The wind blew out the restructuring. In the "Soviet photo" going full editorial room of the Moscow photographers, the subject of discussion - how to modernize the journal. I took this picture with the words "Just here are the photos print." And the answer was: "Igor, where's that's what you used to be, that's why you did not bring such staff in the" Soviet photo "?»

Lonely, but a wise

This Victory Day, approximately 76-77 years. Such a scene was formed on the waterfront. I think that the wisest - is the one that stands alone in the middle, he is busy with: drinking beer, eating a sandwich. And they still do not know what will be doing.

Earthquake in Armenii

Lists of people who were able to find and identify. They hang on the glass - a press center where improvised in some zdanitse - and that people are always fit, reading.

The chief engineer of a garment factory. He dug out of the rubble the destroyed factory 2, 5:00, all this time I was standing under the swash plate to the protruding beam. It is clear that for two and a half hours I could nasnimat a lot of photos, but some force kept me on this unsafe place. Three, four frames - all I had to withdraw from its position. He could not lift anything. And yet it is one of the best shots in this series here. That's what helped me? I'm inclined to believe in him. Well, maybe it just happened.

When I arrived in Moscow, he showed photos, "Spark" gave nominally one spread fairly quiet pictures. And I was very sick.

I was hoping to print more photos and more powerful. And I sent it all in "Time" and "Time" went out to the main room reportage. And they nominated me for this report on the best reporter of the year.

First International Competition of hairdressers in Moskve

This is the beginning of 80th. The girls in the picture - a model of competition, they are dried hairstyles here at this beautiful poster. The most interesting thing that this photo was published in the magazine "Ogonyok" in the years before the restructuring, but a few cropped. Chief designer of the cabinet passed a large scissors length 20 cm, and with the words "What are you, uh ... Gavrilov," snapped the poster.

Funeral Vysotskogo

Taganka, opposite the theater. Funeral of Vladimir Vysotsky. I stood by the coffin in a theater for two hours, I could not leave. The exposition was wrong, and when I came to the area, that's all I saw. And that's only now, just this year, I realized that in fact the funeral Vysotsky - this is the first unsanctioned rally in the Soviet Union. The first nationwide defiance of the authorities, when people came - no one was convened, nobody drove, as was done in the demonstration on November 7 or May 1 - and they came.

Too loose

Detention center in Moscow Altufyevskoe highway. I filmed there several times and every time - with great interest. Well, what to say? With great pain - it's too pompous. No pain something special was not. But pity the children. There collected all runaways found in train stations, on the streets.

Here the boy when sheared with a lice jumping, three meters from him. I barely managed to shrug, he thought himself all the lice-ridden as his shot.

Waste prevention proizvodstvo

70, Moscow. Godless alley. In contrast to the window here in which people rent the dishes just washed out of the label in a pool, there is a shop "Mineral Water" - fairly well-known in Moscow. In order to pass the dishes, get the money, go in front and buy the wine or beer that was sold there, too, people in this business, and engaged.

Life after Afgana

The end of the '80s. Moscow. This is a rehabilitation hospital for soldiers returning from Afghanistan. There are boys were here. A hospital - 500 people, who just returned from there and saw death. They had hard staff.

Best Photo 1990 Amerike

November 6, 1990-th year, the task of the magazine "Time" - to remove the decoration of the city on 7 November. This last Nov. 7, when the Communist demonstration took place. Frame was published in "The Times", and then he went into the best photos of the year in America - a healthy book, I have it. And the next day nothing was. All the latest demonstration last parade. Paragraph.

Photo not worth sorrow caused for this fotografii

I shot something in Georgia - and suddenly an avalanche in Svaneti. One man-Swann turned down when the avalanche in his village, and here on the mountain roads we went together to the place of tragedy. Our road took three or four days. We arrived - all the village collapsed. I started shooting. There was no one in the streets, no absolutely. The man on the chest portrait of the deceased under an avalanche of his relative. I understand that now I can do enough so hard frame. They are coming. I know where it is to do, I know how to do it. Waiting. Here they come, I raise my eyes to the device, press once. Silence Complete - mountains. And this man looked at me. Behind me is my Swann with whom I arrived, so he put his hand on my shoulder and says, "He does not like what you photograph».

And I was not a big shoot, did not make a single frame. The woman was crying, sobbing, she rushed to her knees and the snow shoveled and the child standing on the side of a country with some kind of cap on one eye, stretched, and the man. I did not shoot. And when it ended, a man came up to me and invited me to attend a memorial to the dugout. Strangers invited to such activities were not accepted, but I was invited for showing respect.

Neither picture is not worth sorrow caused to the people for the sake of this picture. You can then make excuses - that it will see the millions, then, behold, fifth, tenth. Despite the rigidity of our profession, the rigidity of those situations in which we sometimes need to first of all be a man, and then - a professional.

Kids in kletkah

The very first publication in the journal "Spark" from places not so remote - earlier in the Soviet Union, such materials are not printed. It Sudskaya Borstal. For four days I have done stuff that, in general, brought me a lot of fame and a lot of medals, was published in the Independent Magazine in English, and in many books published. Then there was a digital camera, I could not see the display, and whether I have a shadow fell. I was this shadow wanted. It's in the cooler, the guy sits and stares at me, even though I did not ask him to look.

Road smerti

Start the way to the Pamirs, the beginning of the 80s. This is one of the most difficult missions. We drove down the road Khorog - Osh, and the road was called the road of death. There's highlands, 4, 5 - 5000 meters, the road - serpentine cliffs. And gearbox, we flew away. If not for the guards ... They all help each other, because they understand that you stop on this road at night, and you can not wake up.

Weather neletnaya

This "Domodedovo" airport, 70 years. I'm running from the train to the terminal building. The weather was bad, and for a long time, the planes do not fly, and therefore all neuletevshie resolved at the airport and around. The man in the picture - not departed, he was sleeping here at the end of the train, "the way».

The first raz

This is the future lieutenant, before the first solo flight. Here's a look at it. The first time an instructor with him will not be, he is sitting in the first two-seater. This, in my opinion, Orenburg flight school or Omsk - in general, in those parts.

Building buduschee

It Sakhalin, 1974. I went to the practice of student construction team photojournalist. In this frame my fellow classmates. And the person who keeps the legs is not clear who has - a faithful Egor, who is now one of the leaders of "Interfax". It is a heating main guys lay an electric cable, one end to the other pass.

With vendetta okay

Corsica. I traveled to Corsica on the machine head the Corsican mafia. We went to the mountains. There was some sort of a poet, artist, writer - very nice people, we chatted with them, drank wine. I walked away from a company that's seen here these two colorful guys. It villagers high in the mountains. I'm very bad French say. And they still have some speech. Well, in general, I have found nothing better than to ask, "What you have here is a vendetta?". And one of them immediately reached behind his back and pulls out a gun under his shirt and said: "But we are always ready to vendetta. That vendetta - please. " And well, then just smiled sweetly.

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