This SUPER — fuel for the human body

Lecithin is a fatlike organic matter, which is a complex of phospholipids. This is, without exaggeration, the fuel for the human body. It is a building material for cell membranes. Strengthens the nervous system, essential for the liver and brain.To establish lipid metabolism in the human body and normalize the level of cholesterol in the blood also helps lecithin. Indications this drug is very wide. It is necessary for the development of the young organism, and to maintain the health of middle-aged people.


Lecithin for liver health

This drug is the best friend of the liver. A greater amount of lecithin in our body contains in this on – 65% of the total. Therefore, the preparation of lecithin is assigned when any pathologies of the liver, hepatitis, fatty liver, poisoning, cirrhosis.

In alcoholic intoxication lecithin will also support liver health and reduce the unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal syndrome (hangover). It activates the body's ability to resist toxins and stimulates the production of bile, produces active regeneration (recovery) of the liver cells. Although the drinkers should be treated not the liver and the head.

In addition, lecithin is a powerful antioxidant, capable of removing toxins from the body.

Lecithin against cholesterol

Since cholesterol is found in the same foods that lecithin, the benefits and harms from the use of such products as would be equalized. Lecithin keeps the cholesterol in solution and, consequently, prevents its deposition on the walls of blood vessels. Additionally, entering the body lecithin helps to eliminate already started to be delayed cholesterol, reducing overall consumption by 15-20 percent.

Lecithin also activates enzymes in the breakdown of fats, stabilizes fat metabolism, promotes absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K. Phospholipids stimulate blood circulation in the body. Therefore lecithin, with virtually no side effects, is indispensable for the prevention of heart disease and atherosclerosis. It is also prescribed to patients in the recovery period after a heart attacks and strokes.

For little geniuses

Lecithin is essential to the child from the first days of life – primarily for the formation and development of the Central nervous system. When breastfeeding, the baby receives lecithin in mother's milk. If for some reason breastfeeding is not possible, the deficiency of lecithin you need to eliminate extra.

It is especially important to the kid to get their mandatory daily dose of lecithin in the first year of life. Recent studies in Columbia University have proved that the amount of lecithin is obtained in the first 12 months of life crumbs, determines the amount of its memory in the future, and the stability of the memory to age-related changes. This means successful learning in school, interesting projects at the University and rewarding career.

Also especially vulnerable to lack of lecithin the child's body during stress. The first serious experiences begin in the period of adaptation at first in kindergarten, then in school. About first graders a separate conversation. During this period, just the necessary lecithin. It stimulates brain activity, reduces fatigue. Improves memory, attention, improves resistance to stress.

For pupils better suited lecithin in gel form. He does not associate the child with tablets, on the contrary, the manufacturers make it pleasant to the taste, with a fruity odor. Another option – soluble lecithin in capsules. From a vitamin drink children rarely refuse. Most often children's lecithin contains a complex of vitamins necessary to the growing organism.

And for the pretty lady

Lecithin is helpful for everyone, but women especially depend on this unique complex of phospholipids. And the most important is the healing effect of lecithin on the nervous system.

17% of nerve fibers composed of lecithin – the liver does not compare, but the percentage of serious. The slightest deficiency of lecithin in the body and insomnia, tearfulness, irritability, even to a complete nervous breakdown. And since stress is the constant companion of female life (the chief-nagger, annoying colleagues, family matters, growing children, care about the budget) without lecithin feeding not enough. It helps to strengthen the nerves and cope with stress.

Lecithin often prescribe to their patients and doctors, in prevention and complex therapy of different women's diseases: mastitis, endometriosis, uterine fibroids – up to uterine cancer. Lecithin helps to even out menstrual cycle, eases unpleasant symptoms during menopause. Therefore, it is a great prophylaxis of diseases of female genital sphere.

For female beauty lecithin is also essential – not just world-famous cosmetic brands actively include him in the composition of cosmetic products. Phosphatidylcholine is an active ingredient in the lecithin – smoothes the skin, making it soft and tender. And it also helps to reduce inflammation, allergic rash, remove excess fat and restore face freshness.

And best of all: lecithin ensures wholesome metabolism and helps control weight.

Versatile, effective, safe

Lecithin is effective for many diseases and for their prevention. For example, during physical and psychoemotional loads, constant stress lecithin will help to improve the overall condition of the body and nervous system.

Lecithin can protect the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract from the harmful effects. Therefore, it is shown to people suffering from gastritis, colitis and peptic ulcer disease.

Psoriasis and dermatitis lecithin will greatly reduce the uncomfortable symptoms. Therefore, it is often used in the complex treatment of skin diseases.

Another magical property of lecithin – the ability to normalize the level of blood sugar. It strengthens cell membranes of the pancreas, particularly the beta cells responsible for insulin production. Thus, in diabetes of the first type lecithin reduces external insulin need. In diabetes the second type compensates for the lack of phospholipids and essential fatty acids.

Lecithin is essential for the brain. It is proved that regular intake of lecithin can suspend multiple sclerosis (disintegration of the myelin sheath of the brain), improve brain activity in Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's.

Such diverse and broad indications of lecithin are explained very simply – it is contained in the cells of all body systems. However, he does not have serious side effects.

As the body responds to the lack of lecithin?

First from lack of lecithin, the nervous system suffers. Memory disorder, constant mood swings, poor concentration, insomnia are the main symptoms of deficiency of lecithin in the body.

In addition, if lecithin from food, man is not enough, it begins indigestion, the aversion to fat food frequent diarrhea and bloating. Break liver and kidneys.

Can increase blood pressure, progressive disease of the gastrointestinal tract, the heart and blood vessels, and joints.

If the organism regularly receives less your vital lecithin, a person seriously increases the risk of chronic diseases:

  • hypertension and ischemic heart disease;

  • atherosclerosis (no lecithin, no one to control harmful cholesterol);

  • ulcer – gastric and 12 duodenal ulcer;

  • cirrhosis of the liver and hepatitis.

Early osteoporosis, constant irritability, nervous breakdowns are all consequences of the lack of lecithin. From a deficit of useful phospholipids suffers and skin. Psoriasis, allergic dermatitis food can also be triggered by poor diet without the right amount of lecithin.

Natural sources of lecithin

Compound name derived from the Greek "lekithos", which means "egg yolk". Accordingly, the lecithin in sufficient quantities in eggs, and also in foods that contain large amounts of fat, beef or chicken liver, seeds and nuts, fish, sunflower oil and meat.

One of the leaders on the content of the lecithin is flour walnuts. This floury delicacy – a real storehouse of healthy fats, which supply us with energy, help fight stress and keep a sharp mind. Nut flour can be added to the cheese, morning cereal or salad (if you follow a diet), cook with her cookies and cupcakes (for the incorrigible sweet tooth).

Some vegetables and fruits also contain lecithin. So, a lot of lecithin in legumes, particularly in soybeans. The raw material for the industrial production of lecithin often competing soybean oil, soybeans and products of its processing. Lecithin is rich in phospholipids and fatty fruits, avocado and Asian durian. And on our beds, except for pea beans, lecithin will ensure you carrots, lettuce and cabbage.

Lecithin as a food additive

Food additives – an inescapable nightmare for everyone. We are constantly looking online table useful and harmful additives, dangerous learn by heart the numbers under the code, in the stores persistently read the contents of packages, looking for insidious chemicals. And here's the irony – one of the most popular supplements is soy lecithin, useful properties which have long been non-negotiable.

Meet the soy lecithin in various factory products, has become an integral part of our lives:

  • Margarines, butter-vegetable oil spreads;

  • almost all confectionery (candy, biscuits, wafers, candy, etc.);

  • bread and bakery desserts (muffins, cakes, muffins, especially with cream);

  • mixes for baby food (starting from the first months of life).

So what is a food additive "soy lecithin", is necessary and useful component, or potentially harmful preservative? Let's start with the fact that lecithin phospholipids are the ingredient that makes the usual Goodies such as we love them. They do not allow the fats to crystallize (for baking with soft cream this is very important), increase the shelf life of baked sweets, and make cupcakes, cakes and cookies easily moved away from the shape when baking.

This Supplement is officially allowed in many countries, including those who are very strictly monitors the quality and value of the products in the United States, Australia, the European Union and Russia. Lecithin is considered not only harmless, but useful addition to products, and painstaking research it is still underway. Just in case not to miss a potential danger.

The only issue here is a relatively soy lecithin, which is often made from genetically modified soybeans. About this next item.

Where to buy lecithin?

Lecithin is industrially produced either from soybean oil, or from sunflower seeds. Considering that soy is often genetically modified, we would recommend the use of lecithin, which is made from sunflower seeds which were not subjected to genetic modifications.

How to take?

Lecithin is included in various vitamin complexes, and is also available as an independent product in the form of capsules, gels, granules, pellets, liquids. Liquid lecithin can even be mixed with food before consuming.

Daily dose of lecithin 5-6 grams for an adult and 1 to 4 grams for a child. This is in addition of lecithin that we can get from food. It is usually consumed before or during meals three times a day. The course of treatment (prevention) averages at least three months, but may be continued longer, up to several years.

Final dosage and length of treatment determined by the physician.

With all the variety of lecithin forms the most popular and in demand among buyers remains lecithin granules. An important advantage of such healing phospholipids: this case is very easy to see the quality and validity of the lecithin.

If medical Supplement store incorrectly (or it expired), the taste of the lecithin is highly variable, it becomes rancid, like a real fat. If you swallow a capsule, the trick will not feel, and questionable taste granulated lecithin will feel at once.

In lecithin granules is captivating and the fact that taking such a Supplement in different ways (like liquid lecithin). You can just eat it with a spoon to the required dosage with water or juice, and you can add in your favorite food. Will fit almost any dish – lecithin allowed to mix in porridge, muesli, cheese and yoghurt, sprinkle the salads, and use it a bit won't hurt.

Contraindications are few, but they are

Who is contraindicated lecithin? Instruction manual States that the drug should not be used only in the presence of individual intolerance. The problem is that allergic to lecithin – a fairly common phenomenon. So if you are Allergy-prone, try not to miss the first signs and to stop taking the drug.

Moreover, unwanted intake of lecithin during pregnancy (especially first trimester) and breastfeeding.


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Among the side effects in very rare cases suffer from nausea and increased salivation, dizziness.

Take lecithin strictly according to instructions. It is better if you consult with the doctor and he will prescribe you a course of the drug is needed in a particular situation and specific health problems.published




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