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Six trendy and stylish hobby. Photo: thinkstockphotos.com

The beginning of winter – a serious test for the psyche. If the day consists of long nights and short twilight, it's hard to stay optimistic. But that's no reason to be discouraged.

And since we cannot by an effort of will to disperse the clouds in the sky, it is able to add bright colors and new experiences in your own life. For example, thanks to some exciting, trendy and stylish hobby. It remains only to choose what.

LOMOGRAPHY. Down with hackneyed selfie in the landscape and the interior! If the talent of the photographer and breaks out, armed with an old film camera and click everything. No matter: if the frame is built, if there is enough light. Even film otdelka the first time, should not be changed! Remove the "second layer"! In the end, after development, you get fanciful images similar to the paintings of the Surrealists – a great design feature. By the way, some fans of the toy camera so addicted that they get their cameras with multiple lenses to "click on stage" with the difference in fractions of a second. The result is a delightfully intricate!


Love to do a selfie, then enjoy a lomography. Photo: thinkstockphotos.com

SCRAPBOOKING. Another unusual hobby associated with photography. It is more suitable for gifted homebodies. You take old photos, postcards (probably left over from your high school hobby), pieces of tissue paper of different textures. Then armed with scissors, glue, and, if desired, and paints. Further – a trick, or rather a flight of fancy. You can create an original collage or a postcard, print or panels, and you can collect a whole album of collages with unique and memorable photos.

Scrapbooking – fun for the whole family. Photo: thinkstockphotos.com

SOAP-making. If you are still in school loved the lessons of chemistry with their funny attributes in the form of cones, tubes, test tubes and spirit lamps, then it can "relive your childhood" and in addition to fill your home with pleasant scents, having started creating their own soap. Of course, have to be creative to find a place for special utensils and ingredients in a bathroom or kitchen, but the result will be a reward for all: a bath with natural soap of their own making – it is a ritual of beauty and enjoyment.

This hobby will appeal to all – both adults and children. Photo: thinkstockphotos.com

ANTIGRAVITY. Luxurious relaxation for creative people, which inhibits the earthiness of the modern world. The first and main difference between "aerial yoga" from the traditional – no ground under my feet. No sex, no Mat – just a hammock. He swings from any movement and gives the feeling of floating above the ground. It you do set trainer exercises and learn to maximize the features of your body. It seems that people in the hammocks – at least the acrobats. But antigravity requires no special training to perform the exercises can even those who have never played sports.

Antigravity yoga is a great way to bring your body in good shape. Photo: thinkstockphotos.com

CAPOEIRA. Another "advanced" hobby for lovers of physical activity and Wellness practices. The original symbiosis of martial arts, dance, games and acrobatics. For all its complexity – is universal. Trained people, taking up capoeira, will get another opportunity to enjoy the power over their own bodies and develop their physical form to a higher level. As for everyone else – for them, capoeira can be a great way to overcome awkwardness and to enjoy elegant, sophisticated, but safe match.

This hobby is more suitable for young people and women. Photo: thinkstockphotos.com

THE PLASTIC STRIP. Strip-dance are choreographed, designed to show the beauty of the female body. Learning dance moves and stretching exercises is an effective way to gain the coveted cat's grace, and also to get rid of extra pounds, while experiencing the pleasure, not the pangs of hunger. Besides, in the end, you will learn to do a sensual dance that is sure to captivate your man, regardless of the duration of your relationship.

Strip-dance will teach you to fully control your body. Photo: thinkstockphotos.com

Having one or more of these Hobbies, you will surely get rid of the Blues and, moreover, will gain a reputation as a very "advanced", modern person. But even if all the novelties you prefer regular knitting, crocheting or embroidering in the Hoop, you will not condemn. After all, any of these traditional Hobbies at least calms the nerves and makes your home a little cozier. Isn't that so important to women's happiness?published

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