The strangest hobby in the world

Already a lot said about the unusual hobby of people — someone embroider on bread, someone carves eggshells and someone runs into a huge ball. And now I want to tell you about probably the most strange Hobbies some people.

Chuck lamb — the death as entertainment


For example, Chuck lamb. Male amuses himself with the fact that die every day. He simulates his own death, and, it should be noted, very likely, with puddles of blood, lacerations, a knife in his chest, etc., taking pictures of themselves and publish these photos on the Internet. Most interesting is that Chuck never repeats, and each time she invents a new death.

       Paul yarrow — TV maniac


And the Londoner Paul yarrow called "television maniac". The fact that he was looking for on the streets set, which make the news, and tries to "light up" in front of the camera. Need to turn on the local news to see the Floor that looks over the journalist's shoulder. It seems that he is not working, and wanders the town and is looking for TV personalities.

         Marimarina — eater materials

Indian of Marimarina (Mamapapa) from Madras chose a hobby the absorption of the different building materials. This passion he started in five years. He can eat bricks, stones, sand, cement. All this brings him pleasure. Most often he eats and to dispute for the sake of winning. How is he able to achieve what his teeth can chew these solids, and the stomach to digest — is unclear.

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