How to make life brighter and happier

Tired of everyday life? Wallow in the routine? Want to know how to make every day of their lives brighter and more saturated? Read our advice and do not forget to apply them

1. Understand and accept the things that you should be sure to do every day:

brush your teeth, go to work / school, etc. But you can perform these actions all the time in different ways, to give more variety of everyday life, such as:

- Brush your teeth with your right hand? And you try to change hands
- To pay the bills choose certain days of the month (1st, 15th or 30th, for example), and on the other days do not even think about the accounts

2. Look at your life from

Think about all that you have and just be grateful for that. Every evening, write down three things that have happened, and for which you are grateful to the present day.

3. Create the morning to-do list, highlighting the higher priority

Do the most important in the first place, to cross out the ones already made.

4. At least half an hour a day engaged in that you really like

Reading, swimming pool, sports, talk with your family - this is the perfect choice. Every day, you can alternate between these classes, and then your life will be brighter life yarche.sdelat

5. Every day, as though you may be busy, leave "Time for yourself»

just sit and have a cup of coffee and relax. Especially if you work hard every day, these breaks are essential.

6. Think of a hobby

Or maybe you want to have long been something to do, but do not have the time? Find it, Move not all be done in the way! This will cause your mind is distracted and be more flexible.

7. Do the at least one good deed a day

To do something for another that will make you smile and it - it's great uplifting and makes life brighter. Any little thing - to embrace each other, help the girl to open the door, bring a neighbor heavy bag - make a life change for the better.


- Changes take time, do not try to do in one day what we have advised you. It is better to start slowly.
- Listen to new music, new genres of music. Listen to what you normally would not listen. Surprised, but some of the things you really like.


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