15 most scenic train routes in the world

Despite the fact that the train is no longer neither the fastest nor the most comfortable vehicle, nevertheless, millions of people around the world prefer railway, buses and planes. What is the secret of non-decreasing popularity of train? In the railway journey, you have the unique opportunity to enjoy wonderful views of the terrain you cross. We will talk about 15 most scenic train rides around the world.

1. The flåm railway, Norway


The length of the flåm railway is 20.2 km, a journey through this route will take you only 55 minutes, but how many exquisite paintings will open your eyes during this short time. The train passes through the valley of floms, connecting with Sogne-fjord. Outside the window awaits you with lush greenery, small farm houses, waterfalls, gorges, giant mountain ranges. All this is almost impossible to imagine in one place, but, the valley of floms contains everything.

2. The canadian Pacific railway, Canada


Having done a seven-day journey from Vancouver to Toronto on Canadian Pacific railway, you will see the best landscapes of Canada: you will enjoy unforgettable views of the largest Jasper national Park, Yoho national Park, Columbia ice fields.

3. The TRANS-Siberian railway, Russia


The TRANS-Siberian railway — the longest railway in the world, its length is more than 9000 km Journey on the TRANS-Siberian railway — the best way to see Russia in all its diversity.

4. The Glacier Express, Switzerland


The glacier Express is perhaps the most famous mountain railway route. The journey will introduce you to unforgettable views of the Swiss Alps and will take about 7 hours. During this time, the train passes through 91 tunnel up and over 291 bridges.

5. Iron road to Machu Picchu, Peru


The most complete impression of the trip to the ancient city of Machu Picchu, you will experience the railway from Cusco to Aguascalientes.

6. The Royal Scotsman, Scotland


The Royal Scotsman is the name of the train class, making a seven-day trip from Edinburgh across Scotland. Guests of this luxury train can enjoy dishes prepared by the best chefs Scotland and visit old castles, famous Scotch whisky distillery and of course, enjoy the amazing views of Scotland.

7. The Palace on wheels, India


India has a bad reputation on the part of the rail routes. But the Palace on wheels — luxury tourist train is fully justifies its name. Breathtaking interiors of the train, and an amazing travel program — will win any.

8. Blue train, South Africa


South Africa is known worldwide for its desert landscape and exotic fauna. Instead go for an ordinary Safari, travel to blue It, one more luxury tourist Poete in our list.

9. Coastal classic train, Alaska


As the name implies, the most classic views of the coast of Alaska are waiting for you in the four-hour trip on this route.

10. Gan, Australia


Gang got its name in honor of the Afghan camel drivers. There is no better way to enjoy all the wonders of Australia than a trip on the wonderful red train, decorated with the image of a camel. A couple of days you will cross the entire Australian continent from South to North and see all that can be seen in Australia.

11. Sky train, Tibet


This famous Tibetan train its name due to the fact that most of the trip he spends at an altitude of 4,000 km above sea level. It is difficult to imagine a more appropriate way to study the landscapes of Tibet.

12. Rail road Grand Canyon, AZ


No more spectacular and at the same time a convenient way to enjoy the views Armanskoi desert and enjoy the Grand Canyon than a journey on this railway route.

13. Douro railway, Portugal


The Douro railway follows the river namesake almost 60 km, then crosses it and goes inland.
You will see beautiful nature of the valley of the Douro river, old station, and early spring or late summer you can catch the almond trees in bloom.

14. Railway Rhine Valley, Germany


This route is perfect for fans of medieval European architecture. Traveling by train along the Rhine valley you plenty nalyubuetes on an old German village and the majestic Gothic castles.

15. Tallinskaya railway, United Kingdom


Let this route for so long and the train is not so luxurious, but it is worth our attention, though, because the train of this railroad became the prototype for Thomas the tank engine character famous English animated series.

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