10 books, through which the line breathes spring

Winter is over, and the heat of the sun and the spring thaw still no. But we are looking forward to this. We are waiting to wake up nature, and with it we, when clogged heart with joy at the sight of the first green leaf, when suddenly it becomes clear that all, all is not in vain, time around -. Such

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Ray Bradbury
"The April sorcery" This is a short story of a master of a girl capable of flying invisibly over the world, and give every living creature of another girl, with marble and the beauty of the cold heart, and one spring evening full of magic. The story is included in the collection of the same name with an equally wonderful stories.

Erich Maria Remarque "Shelter of Dreams" This is the first novel by Remarque, quite unlike his later works. Absolutely. The inhabitants of "Haven of Dreams" - home of the talented artist and composer Fritz - far from the difficulties of real life. Hearts filled with heroes first love and hopes for a bright future. In this house, all will, all will listen, understand and forgive, and the mountain will blow warm wind.

Majgull Axelsson
"The April Witch" This is the story of four sisters, one with a birth bedridden, the other - a successful doctor, and the third - a physicist, a fourth - washed-addict. But the first - of those who are called witches. It is endowed with a sharp mind and the ability to fly through time and space. This is also the spring, but spring is another - where in warm weather suddenly bursts into a blizzard.

Max Fry "Complaints Book" In difficult times, when it seems that life is a failure, be vigilant, do not curse fate - not aloud, nor even to himself. A man at the next table or a girl on the subway may be the ones who are happy to live your life for you. You do not even notice how it happens. This is a book about courage, about the readiness to take their lives each and that each of us can stretch their wings.

Anna Gavalda "breath of freedom" This is a story about the great weekend spent. Meets brother and beloved sisters, their cheerful escape from the family celebration, a trip to the castle to visit his younger brother Vincent, about the adventures of "Fab Four" of the Loire wines, of understanding, of the joy of life, about creativity, about love. And let never said in plain text, it is spring - we have something you know ...

Olga Lucas -
"The thirteenth edition of" If the spring in your town or just in your heart does not come, look around. Maybe, next is the person from whom everything depends. And suddenly this man - are you? In this story, the employees' thirteenth edition ", in addition to their primary responsibilities - to fulfill other people's desires, it is necessary to relieve St. Petersburg from the cold


Yukio Mishima "Spring Snow" Memory - a mirror of mirages. Sometimes it float so distant images that we can not see them. Sometimes - such that only appear to be close. This is how the contemplation of life lotus flower from bud to wilt. And while someone is sitting next to a wise and points to the delicate shades of colors. Strange spring snow: not a blessing, not a curse


Dina Rubina
"Cold Spring in Provence" Seven travel writing, is largely autobiographical. There is nothing evil, nothing cruel - there is a beautiful romantic journey through the burgeoning French and a little sweet sorrow. This journey is important every detail: the portraits on the walls of the hotel as it is a step, the pigeons on the square and the sunlit road


Olga Pokrovskaya
"Baker and Spring" book surprisingly emotional. With a touching, sometimes desperate sincerity hero shares the history of break from solitude into the world of understanding. Confession it is full of sympathy for those who got into a band of melancholy. The book calls go through the flowering meadow, look at the house where the smell of pancakes, and join the conversation heart.

Katarina Chieri "Nobody sleeps" Young Elias lives with his father. And pretend that he's all right. And he wrote letters to his mother, who left home and never returned. And all around there is very different: people celebrate the arrival of spring, the neighbor girl rides a bicycle, listening to old opera arias. And somehow unnoticed Elias is drawn into the whirlpool of events. Because, probably, that the spring sun shines brighter and easier to breathe.

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