11 checked us tricks for those who wear glasses

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If you wear glasses, you are often faced with difficulties that do not even come to mind for people with good eyesight. The search of the glasses case is a real quest, and that glasses do not fog up in cold weather, it is necessary to apply straight-away hit.

We АdMe.ru picked up a few tips to help make life easier for anyone who wears glasses.

To find my glasses in the dark

Apply on case for your glasses a thin strip of phosphor paint. In any dark room the glasses will be much easier to find.

The wiping

For dry wiping of the lenses best suited microfiber. This material does not scratch the lens surface and does not accumulate dirt. In any case, do not wipe lenses with a t-shirt or sleeved shirt: on the lenses of the micro-scratches will appear, which will give additional load on the eyes.

Replacement for points

In emergency cases, when glasses are available, you can do without them. With myopia you can use your smartphone to more clearly consider the details.

Wash lenses

Dishwashing detergent is ideal for cleaning lenses! Do not use cleaning products containing alcohol, vinegar, ammonia or bleach. These substances destroy the lens coating.

To glasses not misting

One of the main issues of all who wear glasses — fogging lenses. To your points in the transition from a cold to a warm and didn't fog up, lens pre-process liquid or solid soap.

Glasses are rim

Don't use sunglasses as a headband — the rim is deformed and subside. During washing and in other cases when you do not use glasses, they are best removed.

Quick fix glasses

Screws if glasses are lost or busted, use a toothpick as a temporary solution. Connect the socket and the shackle points, insert a toothpick and break off the unwanted part.

Wide and narrow arches

If the glasses tend to slip off, hold the rounded part of the temples under hot water for a few minutes until the plastic softens a bit. Slightly bend the ends down so they fit snugly to the ears. If the glasses you are slightly tight, hold the arms under hot water and try to bend slightly upward to decrease the pressure.

Nose pads

To control nose pieces put the glasses on a flat surface to see them against each other.

The form of the rim

If you have wide-set eyes, choose frames with strong or prominent nose. It draws attention to the center of the face, and the eyes appear closer. If you have close-set eyes, choose frames with decorative detail on the outer edges. It gives a sense of greater distance.

For motorists

Advice for drivers: don't leave sunglasses with plastic lens on the dashboard under direct sunlight. From the heating of the lens can deform or even burst. It is best to store glasses in a special compartment in the glove box.

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