If poor vision

Psychological, we can say the post. Its meaning is very simple: if you have poor eyesight, but you hesitate to wear glasses, I tell you: nothing! Let's see who the stars wear glasses, and who are some points. Or do not go. Looking at them, you can decide what will suit you.

Johnny Depp

Wearing such stylish glasses that I even lost. I like them all: the shape and shade, and the owner)

Lily Allen

I'm not sure it was the best choice, as it seemed to Lily's face square because of these points.

Katy Perry

Oh, Kate, Kate. Well for a masquerade ...

Joe Jonas

A good selection of glasses, Joe.

Britney Spears

Before this picture, I did not even know that Britney's poor eyesight. Apparently, she cleverly hides it. But nothing, I like her glasses.

Leona Lewis

In the glasses he looks very fashionable and stylish.

Avril Lavigne

Too big points. It may be stylish, but too big.

Megan Fox

That's really who better without glasses, it's Megan. Points we used to associate with erudition and wit, but that's not her style.

Justin Bieber

Cute boy cute glasses. A good pair.

Justin Timberlake

Good. And with glasses and without.

Emily Blunt

In the glasses and looks cute.

Cate Blanchett

It looks good in glasses. Such an example is inspiring.

Demi Moore

Stylish, austere business.

Helena Carter Boehm

I do not really like these round glasses, but I suspect that all this can be attributed to its eccentricity.

Sophia Loren

Chic! Shine! But I would not have dared to such points.

Hayden Panettiere

Already with two points. Well, at least ten, it is.

Hilary Duff

Perfectly complement your glasses casual-look.

Lindsay Lohan

Points make it stricter. But no one is fooled points, Lindsay.

Robert Downey Junior

Well, what else to say. Points added zest.


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