17 ironic tweets about the former satisfies even they

Ninety two million six hundred seventy eight thousand eleven

If you never let go of jokes in the address of his former, most likely, at you simply is not and was not.

Site gathered 17 hilarious tweets addressed to those who are not afraid to break someone's heart. They are so vain!

Ninety million seven hundred eighty seven thousand three hundred forty

Sixty six million four hundred eighty three thousand eight hundred seventy nine

Nineteen million six hundred eighteen thousand nine hundred seventy nine

Eight million seven hundred ninety nine thousand forty four

Five million four hundred eighty four thousand two hundred eighty eight

Three million four hundred eighty five thousand three hundred thirty eight

Forty seven million four hundred thirty two thousand six hundred sixty three

Ninety three million ninety five thousand fifty two

Thirty seven million thirty one thousand seven hundred thirty six

Sixty seven million two hundred eighty eight thousand six hundred ninety five

Seventy million two hundred fifty nine thousand three hundred three

Twenty six million five hundred eighty three thousand three hundred eighty two

Forty million two hundred eighty four thousand two hundred three

Four million six hundred seventeen thousand seven hundred ninety eight

Two million eight hundred sixty nine thousand four hundred seventy eight

Three million seven thousand two hundred seventy two

Seventy seven million three hundred forty nine thousand twenty seven

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