19 brilliant tweets from the professionals weight loss

Sixty four million three hundred forty eight thousand four hundred seventy nine

For those who shed sweat in the gym and endures hardships without cakes and pastries, we Site put together this life-affirming post.

Fifty six million three hundred eighty three thousand five hundred ninety two

Forty two million eight hundred ninety thousand four hundred forty five

Seventy four million four hundred four thousand three hundred seventy nine

Twenty four million five hundred twenty thousand five hundred thirty nine

Seventy five million three hundred thirty one thousand seven hundred fifty two

Twenty six million four hundred twelve thousand one hundred four

Seventeen million one hundred ninety two thousand nine hundred sixty five

Sixteen million three hundred thirty three thousand six hundred twenty one

Twelve million eight hundred sixty six thousand one

Fifty eight million three hundred thirty three thousand one hundred ninety one

Ten million eight hundred twenty six thousand two hundred twenty nine

Eighty four million three hundred forty eight thousand seven hundred thirty seven

Fifty eight million five hundred thirty four thousand five hundred sixty six

Fifty million eight hundred thirty seven thousand five hundred fifteen

Ninety four million three hundred forty seven thousand six hundred eighty six

Sixty four million five hundred ninety two thousand five hundred thirty eight

Twenty million sixty three thousand three hundred forty one

Eighty five million nineteen thousand fifty five

Nineteen million one hundred forty five thousand four hundred twenty five

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