Scientists have shown that it is better to be alone than in the "so-so" attitude

Recently, scientists have confirmed the popular among the people the phrase "Better to be alone than with just anyone." The study, published in the scientific journal «Family Psychology», has shown that it is better to be alone than in the "so-so" attitude, as the relations connected with the physical and mental health.

To reach this conclusion, the investigators of the University of Buffalo (New York, USA) for two years, follows the lives of two hundred young adults who are in a committed relationship, and it does not matter - it's a marriage or just a close relationship. The close relationship is reflected in the health anyway.

Many people believe that it is better to be at least in some respects, to not feel alone, but it turns out, such reasoning can be bad for your condition. The results showed that the better and more positive relationships, better health partners. According to Ashley Barr, chief author of the study, the instability in the relationship is directly related to depression and problems with alcohol and health problems in general.

The same question has been described in the scientific journal «Psychosomatic Medicine» with the conclusions in the form of specific numbers. For example, a person who is constantly experiencing falling out with a partner, is at risk of cardiovascular disease by 8, 5% more than those who have lived in harmony with partners.

So think over their relationship. But not better to keep health?



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