15 home cosmetics, which are easy to replace shoplifting


Often part of the label boxes with cream frightening incomprehensible words like "phenoxyethanol," and means no chemical components with unpronounceable names is unreasonably expensive. But it does not matter: almost everything can be done by the fact that there is in our kitchen or in the nearby supermarket

Website I found a few recipes of creams and scrubs, from which the solid body good.. Doing so now is the time - the summer after all

Softening Lip Balm Calendula 81408ed4ba.jpg

. How to make a natural emollient balm is described in this article.

Delicious lemon facial scrub d94275714e.jpg

Scrub is made from mineral goodies that together are struggling with acne and wrinkles. Recipe here.

Scrub feet of Epsom salts 1779568bfc.jpg

Scrub feet make softer, manicured and removes unpleasant smell. Make need to once and scrub will be enough for a year. Instructions in this article

Ubtao -. Indian powder skincare fa860e6784.jpg

This Indian powder treats the delicate facial skin from unpleasant defects such as pimples, age spots and wrinkles. The necessary components are sold in any drugstore. For instructions, see here.

Soothing lavender facial mask d131970101.jpg

The scent of lavender helps to calm down, and the other components of the mask smooth wrinkles and perfectly clean skin. Impose a mask before going to sleep better, and how to do - read here

Chocolate-Banana Scrub c64e9b3d23.jpg


This delicious scrub removes hardened particles of skin, moisturizes and rejuvenates it. Detailed master class on making here.

Air body oil for 15 minutes 9,230,084

< br> Delicate oil soften and soothe the skin. Instructions in this article.

Cooling shower gel 9730a5db4e.jpg

Jelly shower cools tired after a hot day the body, soothes and relieves stress. Done in half an hour in the kitchen as - described in this article

lightweight sunscreen 846aeb7e5a.jpg

This cream protects against the sun's rays, moisturizes and nourishes the skin. How do you see here.

Strengthening shampoo with natural oils 8b76fcebd2.jpg

Natural oils that are included in the shampoo helps hair grow faster and stronger. You can add any oil, depending on the hair type, the instruction here.

Natural dry shampoo 6391c25733.jpg

An indispensable tool when there is no time to wash my hair, and no harmful substances - all from the kitchen cupboard. How do I read here.

Fragrant essence hair growth 8125177c5e.jpg

Essence based on natural oils help hair grow healthy and strong. Instructions in this article.

Milk Mask Eye ea5294df2c.jpg

This mask moisturizes the delicate skin around the eyelids, making it more supple and smoothes fine lines. Done in half an hour as - described here

Firming oil polish da6f093dfc.jpg

. This oil strengthens and whitens nails, heals cuticles after edging manicure. How do I read here.

Solid Perfume with a delicate aroma 43b3192a64.jpg

Such perfume easy to do, easy to store and carry around conveniently. And you can choose the fragrance itself, more of these spirits, no one will. How do I tell this article.

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