10 facts about what is made of modern cosmetics (11 photos)

If you use cosmetics (and you, I'm using them at least sometimes), you will be interested to learn from what they may contain. In ancient times they were made, so that people could get the big problems with the skin, and even die, in our time made a little higher quality.

1. Used cooking oil

Scientists at the laboratories of various cosmetic companies have found that when a specific treatment of waste vegetable oil you can get a certain substance, which has an active cosmetic effect. This effect is the regeneration of skin cells and its moderate rejuvenation. Now many of the cosmetic companies are using this cheap ingredient in the manufacture of its products, which have contracts with fast food chains and cafes.

2. The extract of pepper

Who would have thought that an ordinary bitter cayenne pepper, is used in cooking spicy food and gas cans to scare the bullies, can be used for cosmetic purposes? Its active ingredient, capsaicin, is "responsible" for the unpleasant burning sensation on contact with the skin of pepper, used in the manufacture of lipstick. If you do it when applied to the lips feel slight tingling, then the most likely to blame for that hot peppers, lipstick gave her component. This lipstick is advisable to keep away from eyes.

3. Chicken bone marrow

This component unromantic - only one of a long series of similar elements of animal origin. The bone marrow contains a large amount of glucosamine - an organic substance that stimulates the production of new skin cells and improvement of existing structures. Another useful component of the bone marrow is an anti-inflammatory, so it is often used for the production of humidifiers / softeners skin and face creams.

4. fish scales


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