What is unusual in this pack of cigarettes?

Friends, I understand that the Ministry of Health, healthy lifestyle, and so on - your intentions immediately zaminusit I understand and even to some extent share.
But then out of the ordinary situation :)
Try to look, without going to the post himself - what is unusual in that a pack of cigarettes?
If it does not - look no further :)

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This pack of cigarettes, people.
I could not put it - sort of activity I have noticed new unconventional moves producers, whether advertising, marketing, or, for instance, packaging. In terms of cigarettes as non-standard coups can recall? Menthol capsule Kent - the failure, for some this chip Marlborough repeated I still wonder. A great number of brands are now sold in iron containers - for some banana, one wonders? :) In order to be a trend and similar to Parliament with Kent all and sundry made filters on their stamps white - not fucking innovation. On the same lines at one time all the packets rounded edges (in my memory) - stupid imitation.
And then fucked. New word.
On display looks particularly cool.




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