Chongqing. Smog, skyscrapers and Yangtze

Chongqing - China's largest city. According to various sources it is home to 40 million people. Largest city is comparable with Austria, it stretches for 450 kilometers in length and 470 in width. Of course, not all 82, 000 sq. km Chongqing built up, but it remedied. The construction here is some fantastic rates. I saw the pictures of 2010 and did not recognize Chongqing! In recent years there have built a bunch of new bridges, skyscrapers and flyovers. Year of Chongqing as 20 years for Moscow.
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01. Among other things, Chongqing - a major industrial center. The city has hundreds of factories, from chemical to automotive. As a result - almost all year round city tightened smog.

02. Noon sunny day.

03. Most of the skyscrapers that you see in the photo appeared here in the last 10 years.


05. Old buildings demolished actively, in their place come skyscrapers.


07. In the city center is quite small pedestrian zone with dozens of expensive boutiques.

08. On the banks still have the old quarters, but they are already being squeezed modern residential complexes

09. Old Chongqing

10. A couple of years it will not.

11. Everything old is demolished. While the city is like a big construction site.

12. To retain tourists and rebuild some old houses. But this remake is not of interest.

13. In general, the Chongqing city quite uncomfortable. Come here only for business. Well, or at 1 day, as I look at the construction progress of the Chinese.

14. Quay

15. The city center is situated at the confluence of two rivers, the Yangtze and Jialing. The water level in the rivers varies depending on the season, so very high embankments.




19. The town is located on a steep terrain. This, incidentally, is the only major city in China, where there is almost no cyclists. The steep hills is not a train.

20, the river

21. The new business district, built in 2 years

22. The main attraction - is, of course, fantastic flyover which everything is entangled.

23. Quay.

24. Trestle go on stilts right along the shore

25. According to the old residential quarters.



28. Old Bridge

29. The new bridge, only opened


31. Chinese landing stage note right on it did 2 elevators). Here it is - the scope!

32. The city has a metro line 2 and 2 branches of the monorail.

33. At the entrance to the metro sell all junk. Just like we have in the station Vyhino.

34. In the subway kiosks have McDonald's, which sell drinks and ice cream.

35. The list of prohibitions in the metro impressive.

36. Train monorail has 4 trailer.

37. Inside you can walk and even sit on the harmonica


39. In the city of steep three-dimensional navigation.


41. Local cuisine presented every interior, legs, heads and even pigs Piglet.

42. The sale of cigarettes. All Chinese cigarette packs are very beautiful. Must be poured. Smoking status thing. A pack you immediately detected. Some of the most expensive cigarettes - "Zhonghua" ("China"), are almost 500 rubles per pack!

43. Carrying children

44. Merchants fruit

45. Even in the city there is a cable car from one coast to the other. Local landmark. Previously, when there was so many bridges, transport function performed, and now more as an attraction.



48. Bridge Chaotianmen Bridge - arch bridge with the longest span in the world. The total length of the bridge - 1.7 km.


50. Downtown

51. And Chongqing led Bo Xilai. He did a lot for the development of urban infrastructure, built bridges, cut 2000 city officials and cared about people. When Bo Chongqing organized choral singing revolutionary songs and massive hikes in places of military glory of the CCP. The people loved Bo. He predicted a place in the Politburo, and possibly become chairman. But not fused. Bo Xilai's wife accused in the murder of a foreign businessman and sentenced to death, the most Bo expelled from the party and was given a life for corruption. Here's a China.





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