Shocking pictures of pollution in China

October 14, 2009 in New York hosted the 30th annual awards ceremony Eugene Smith Fund. Lu Guangyu of the People's Republic of China won the Grand $ 30,000 for his documentary project "Pollution in China." Lu Guangyu - freelance photographer, which began operations in 1980 as an amateur photographer. He was a factory worker, and later opened his own photo studio and advertising agency. Lu Guangyu interested in social documentary photography. At the center of his work - ordinary people from a simple society and their social problems. Many awards, which received Lu Guangyu, were at work on the social problems of Chinese society: "Gold Rush in the West", "Little Coal Pit", "Village of HIV", "Grand Canal" and others. Today we present some of the works of Lu Guangyu, where you can see the appalling pollution in China and their implications ...

Chemical waste, beached Yellow River:

Only one wall separates the village from the steel mill. The villagers have become accustomed to, and be able to "iron" Rain:

Steel mill waste flowing into the river Aniang:

Lake, littered solid waste. Guangdong Province:


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