10 extraordinary things

Live crabs from the vending machines

In 2010, the Chinese supplier of crabs, the company «Twin Lakes Crab Co», agreed that, in some cases, a hike to the grocery store is not very convenient. So they built a vending machine where you can buy live crabs. These machines have been installed in subway stations throughout the city of Nanjing (Nanjing). Imagine an ordinary vending machine, and then replace all the chips and cookies plastic box filled with air in which there are living, moving crabs - that's how it looks.

Crabs are kept at a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius, which is sufficiently cool that they have fallen asleep in the interim, but not enough to kill them. They are sold for about two dollars, and the bottom row in the machine also offers a bottle of vinegar with ginger - it looks like a combination of ketchup and french fries. Keychains with live turtles

Probably one of the most bizarre things that can be bought in China are key rings with small live animals. Animals are usually small Brazilian zmeinosheynye turtles or fry mackerel, sealed in a plastic bag or a small ball, which is filled with a liquid containing nutrients. This fluid nourishes allegedly animals within three or four months.

Of course, tightly sealed package raises many questions about how the animal receives oxygen, and several animal protection organizations in China rightly raised a public outcry, calling these trinkets particularly cruel form of animal abuse. People buy these trinkets or luck or out of pity to let the animal into the wild.

Canned air

If you want to breathe fresh air in China, it will cost you about five yuan. It is at this price the company «Chen Guangbaio» sells a product of its new line of canned air, which actually represents a tin jar filled with air. This product is on the one hand is a publicity stunt, but on the other hand is designed to draw attention to the environmental problem of air pollution in China. Air pollution in China is so strong that he could, standing on some parts of the country can be seen even from space (seriously).

You can enjoy three kinds of fresh air: "Clean Tibet» (Pristine Tibet) - the purest of the three options, "Revolutionary Yahan» (Revolutionary Yah'an), for those who are nostalgic, and finally the air with the scent of "post-industrial Taiwan" (Post-Industrial Taiwan).

Guided dwarfs

"The Kingdom of the little people» (Kingdom of the Little People) is something like a mixture of a theme park and a specially designated "Kingdom" District. This place is located in Yunnan Province (Yunnan) and covers an area of ​​5261 hectares. The area was specifically allocated for the construction of a miniature world in which live only dwarfs, and that will serve as a kind of safari. How insulting it sounds - you decide.

"The Kingdom of the little people", which is the idea of ​​a businessman named Chen Mingzhing (Chen Mingjing), still under construction. However, at this time there were already built 30 houses for dwarfs, as well as a building for staging a parody version of Swan Lake, which is already open to visitors. Despite the fact that many people do not like this idea, Chen says that provide people with a permanent job, and that without his help dwarfs would have been in a difficult position, given the country's economic problems. In addition, he said, many residents of the Kingdom are proud to be part of this community.

Fried Chicken Obama

In China, you can truly find everything - from the moral ambiguity of dwarfism to vaguely racist copyright infringement. In 2011, in Beijing, one enterprising businessman opened China's first OFC- Fried Chicken from Obama. The restaurant uses banner, stylized KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken - Grilled Chicken Kentukiysky), as well as the logo of the company, complete with a smiling cartoon-like caricature of Barack Obama and sells fried chicken.

As it is easy to believe, but this is not the first restaurant in the world and the OFC is not the first use of the image of Obama for sale chicken. The first restaurant opened OFC back in 2009 in Brooklyn, but was soon closed. In addition, in the course of absolutely not related to the closing of the Brooklyn restaurant antics, the official network of KFC in China released in 2011 ad in which an actor, like Obama, speech, and then he drops a huge chicken sandwich. This precisely is the hidden meaning, but you probably already guessed ...

Ailuridae tea

It should be noted immediately that Ailuridae tea is a drink made from panda excrement. This is the most expensive tea in the world - a kilo of dried tea this will cost you about 77 thousand dollars. But why anyone would want a drink? It is believed that the panda actually use only 30 percent of the bamboo they eat, allocating the rest of the raw bamboo with feces. People believe that in addition to a variety of nutrients, bamboo contains antioxidants that can prevent cancer, so Ailuridae tea is touted as a tonic against cancer and as a tool for weight loss.

Factory for the production of this tea is in Sichuan province (Sichuan), and the owner Ailuridae tea is Janša An (Yanshi An), who founded the company purchased 11 tons of litter in the reserve pandas nearby annex.

White people

In China, of course you can not buy the white people, but they can be rented, in principle, not so different from buying. Chinese businessmen often rent white actors, so that they stood side by side with them on important events, and that their role ends.

The idea is that the Chinese believe that western companies are very successful, so if the Chinese businessman appears in the company of a white man who, most likely, it is the western business partner, it is a symbol of social status and prestige. Sometimes just standing actor, sometimes he speaks, and sometimes he is given a small role, supplemented by fake business cards. One actor, Jonathan Zatkin (Jonathan Zatkin) paid for the fact that he gave a speech at the opening of a jewelry store, and described "how wonderful it was to work with the company for 10 years».

According Zatkina, the requirements for this job are very simple, you just need to: be white, not to speak Chinese or not at all to say, if it is not needed, and pretend that you only yesterday arrived in the country.

Food, SPLIT, cooked and served by robots

Apparently any food, from noodles to spicy chicken has the best taste if it is cooked cold metallic robot hands. And this is not an isolated example, the three institutions, which clearly indicates a growing fashion to use robots in the food industry.

In 2011, inventor Cui Rankuan (Cui Runquan) created Cui Cook (Chef Cui), a humanoid robot that prepares home-made noodles, popular variety of noodles in China, which is prepared by hand. Manually cut from the test strips of noodles, and then they are heated. Robots already produce in bulk and buy such a robot can be about 2000 dollars. At this point it was already sold more than 3,000 of these robots.

Fast-food chain in Shanghai (Shanghai) also uses robots - but here they are used as a real chef. A clear advantage is efficiency: one robot can wash the dirty dishes, mix the ingredients to prepare a dish and serve on a plate ready to order in just three minutes. Disadvantages? The introduction of robots in another area of ​​our lives that facilitate their task when they want to kill us.

Finally, if a simple cooking robots are not enough, you can go to a restaurant called «Dalu Rebot Restaurant», where the food will give you a robot. Six robots go on a special track that allows them to serve 21 table before they are returned to the kitchen to fill their trays.

Substitutions for traffic jams

For a country in which the lives of 1, 3 billion people it is not surprising to have a rather long traffic jams on the roads, some of which are machines for weeks. However, a few entrepreneurs have managed to turn even such a problem in the money by offering a service which consists in the fact that people will sit in your car for you, as long as she stands in a traffic jam.

It works like this: If you get stuck in a traffic jam, you can call this service, say where you are and wait for two people arrive on motorcycles. Substitutions will sit in your car and drive you motorcyclist wherever you want. This service is primarily offered in Wuhan (Wuhan) in the center of China. This city is one of the most densely populated in all of China, so it is here that formed one of the worst traffic jams.

Tea harvested virgin lips

This is probably one of the funniest points: tea plantation «Jiuhua», located in Henan Province (Henan), hires virgins third breast size, so that they collected the leaves of tea lips and then threw them in wicker baskets, which are between their breasts.

Girls can not touch the leaves or baskets hands, and, in addition to owning a third the size of the chest, according to the requirements plantation girls should not be noticeable scars or wounds. According to the company, these strange requirements are derived from a legend about how tea was going lips fairies. Tea, collected in this way, is endowed with purity of virgins, which is transmitted to those who drink this tea.



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