Yangtze River water flushed

Eerie sight to see people of Chongqing City in China - the Yangtze River, which flows near the city, suddenly acquired a blood-red color. Local authorities have been unable to determine the cause of an unusual phenomenon.

Citizens, in general, not too scared, and many even began to collect unusual water in bottles as souvenirs. A fishermen continued to work as if nothing had happened, choosing from a blood-red water fish. Apparently, the Chinese do not read the Bible, which says that before the end of the world instead of water in the rivers of blood will flow, said the British newspaper.

If you do not take into account the mythological explanation, the water in fresh water and sea changes color in two major cases. For example, this happens when some microorganisms thrive in extremely large numbers. Or it might be due to human activities.

Professor Emily Stanley of the United States believes that the first option can safely be discarded. According to her, certain microorganisms can actually color the water red, but they live in salt water. Therefore, it is unlikely that they made their way into the Yangtze River near the city of Chongqing, which is far away from the sea coast, reports LiveScience.

Most likely, the "river of blood" flowed in China through the fault of the people, as Chongqing - a major industrial center. A similar case was already in the country in December last year. Then the "harbinger of the apocalypse" were two small illegal production plant dyes.


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