Footage September

It happens that just one picture can tell a story or cause a storm of emotions.
Sometimes it's just a good camera angle or the right moment. Sometimes a beautiful landscape or unique phenomenon. Most often it is simply a chronicle of our amazing daily life, documented by photographers from around the world. These pictures - everything is fine, funny and heartbreaking that struck each one of us in the last 30 days.

1, yogurt, peach and apple

Morning traffic jam in Ireland

Where to hurry this dog?

Penguin with a heart on his chest


Bialowieza Forest, Belarus

Wedding jump

Icelandic police

Blue clouds, New Zealand

The annual art festival Burning Man


Infinity Bridge, UK

The road down to earth, Taiwan

Pillar "Bloody finger", Perm

Tension of water

Gergeti Trinity Church at the foot of Mount Kazbek, Georgia

Clouded leopard

The game of light and shadow

Epic exit «Aurora»

Never give

Ship "Diamond Princess" in the port of Vladivostok

Piano of puppies

September 1st. Happy Holidays!

The ferry, ferry!

Camel haircut

Calf pygmy hippopotamus born in Swedish zoo

Supersonic Tu-144 in the courtyard of the University of Kazan

Come sfotkat me on the background of people

Set photographer

taken here


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