Our younger brothers (24 photos)

1. A newborn pygmy hippopotamus walks around his mother at the zoo in Rotterdam on September 30. (Ed Oudenaarden-AFP / Getty Images)

2. Sea turtles crawl to the Adriatic Sea on the beach molasses in Albania on September 26. Turtles on special chips that biologists can track their whereabouts. (Arben Celi-Reuters)

3. Frog peeking out of cranberries collected in Mashpee, Massachusetts, on 30 September. (Merrily Lunsford-AP)

4. Dog dressed as Little Red Riding Hood takes part in the dog parade in Managua, Nicaragua, October 4. (Elmer Martinez-AFP / Getty Images)

5. Chinchilla named Diego at the presentation of "Amazing Animals" from the organization "after a wild nature" in Leesburg, Virginia, September 28. (Sarah L. Voisin-The Washington Post)

6. The African pygmy hedgehog named Miss Tiggo at the presentation of "Amazing Animals" from the organization "Ambassadors of Wildlife" in Leesburg, Virginia, September 28. (Sarah L. Voisin-The Washington Post)

7. 8-week panda at a reception at the vet in the San Diego Zoo on September 29. (Ken Bohn-AP)

8. Chimpanzee in deep thought at the zoo in Bratislava on October 4. (Samuel Kubani-AFP / Getty Images)

9. India, a three-year royal gveretsa, kisses his baby at the zoo in Melbourne on September 30. (William West-AFP / Getty Images)

10. The baby gibbon in the hands of the mother and the Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna, September 25th. (Daniel Zupanc-Reuters)

11. Berlin's famous bear Knut (left) and female Giovanna met in a cage at the zoo in Berlin on September 30. (Maya Hitij-AP)

12. The male lion sitting in the grass Masai Mara Reserve Kenya on September 24. Representatives of the Kenyan organization to protect wildlife say that 2,000 lions in the country are in serious danger due to periodic drought and pesticides, because of which, according to the scientists, killed 76 animals in 2001. (Riccardo Gangale-AP)

13. A member of the zoo keeps vestsenosnogo eagle before release him in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 30 September. (Enrique Marcarian-Reuters)

14. Doves released during the flag-raising ceremony in Hefei in honor of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the PRC on October 1. (Jianan Yu-Reuters)

15. Cranes gathered at sunset on a lake in Brandenburg, Germany, 26 September. (Thomas Krumenacker-Reuters)

16. The hostess keeps cats sphinx in front of judges at the international beauty contest among cats in Bucharest, Romania, October 3. (Vadim Ghirda-AP)

17. The baby caracal Lily sits in a cage at the zoo in Berlin. (Margarethe Wichert-AFP / Getty Images)

18. Senior zoo keeper in Sydney, Australia, Harley Everson weighs koala September 23. Koalas study showed that the sudden loss of habitat can cause diseases - chlamydia, which has already struck 5090% of the animals. (Rob Griffith-AP)

19. The 12-day baby white lion eats from a bottle at the zoo in Belgrade on September 30. (Srdjan Ilic-AP)

20. Casey - golden labrador from Galesburg, Illinois, is taking part in the competition between dogs Purina Farms in Gray Summit in, Montana, October 3. (Peter Newcomb-Reuters)

21. Pastor Hans van Bemmel blesses a dog serving in World Animal Day in Delft, The Netherlands, October 3. (Rick Nederstigt-AFP / Getty Images)

22. Papillon Bo and type playing tug of frisbee in the park in Bethesda, Maryland, on 30 September. (By Laurie Dewitt-The Gazette)

23. A child holds a Madagascar cockroach insect zoo in the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC on October 2. (Susan Biddle-for The Washington Post)

24. Happy Hippo in his pool at the National Zoo in Washington on September 29. Happy 28 years. (Mehgan Murphy-AFP / Getty Images)


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