Friars Minor (17 photos)

This issue is devoted to a variety of animals - from hippos to the newly born squirrels and pandas. Seal basking in the sun, a dog-sapper, the mountain of lizards, painted lady butterfly close - all this and not only do you see in today's issue.

1. Young seal sunbathing at the Berlin Zoo on September 18. (Maya Hitij / AP)

2. Three-month cubs Gabrielle and Ruby for the first time in public on September 19 in London Zoo. These cubs - the first Asian Young Lions 10-year-old Abi and 6-year-old Lucifer. International Union for the Conservation of wildlife has brought these animals into the category of endangered, so how in the world there are only 300 Asiatic lions in freedom. (Zoological Society Of London / EPA)

3. Royal horse artillery platoon riding in the sea at the beach near Blackpool in northwest England, on September 16 during a break from the traditional duties in central London. (Paul Ellis / AFP - Getty Images)

4. Miss Porky Pig flies through the air during the pig's race with elements of diving on September 18 show in Melbourne, Australia. The event takes place in Melbourne since 1848 and is the largest annual public entertainment in Victoria, which in 2009 should see about half a million visitors. (Scott Barbour / Getty Images)


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